Friday, November 28, 2014

Button Floozies White Christmas Book Swap with Penny

We had a White Christmas Button Book swap over on my other blog, Button Floozies.  It was so much fun!  We were to create a book from paper or fabric and decorate it with 30-50 buttons.  Because I was the hostess/organizer, as sometimes happens, I had more than one partner so that the numbers came out correctly.
Here's the first one I swapped, with Penny who lives in Oregon.  Not only was she new to swapping -- she was also new to using her buttons in art!
Her beautiful book came in this lovely gift bag that was hand knit by her!
 The pages were all tied together with a satin ribbon; here's the first (above) -- beautiful vintage image and decorated with fabulous buttons!
 The back of that page: a doily decorated with pearls creates a pocket for carded vintage buttons!
 Here's the second page: a tree made of buttons, and a dove of peace in shell
 How sweet is this little stocking?  It was stuffed with...
 a button "charm" string and a candy cane made of red and white buttons!
 The charm string is to die for!  I can't get over it.
 The last page was this SWEET Scottie dog card, festooned with Scottie buttons!

 I am always completely charmed with this vintage doggie motif --
 how did she know?  On the back of all of that was one more page:
 another beautiful white Christmas theme in beautiful vintage images and buttons.
I completely love my book and am so glad to have had Penny as a partner!
And here is the one I made for Penny:

 The front cover
 page 2
 a Santa page
 with a small hand-painted pearl button included...
 a pocket which held gift tags tied with buttons
 a tree in white
 this page had a repro button card that I sewed shell buttons on to
 a lady in red
 a package of vintage square buttons
The last page in silver and white, with a swatch of vintage shell buttons still sewn to a card.
I mostly used Theresa Collins -- Santa's List and Tinsel and Company papers.
I have two more beautiful button book swaps to show you, and you can see them all over on Button Floozies, in separate posts over last week and the next!  Be inspired.


Createology said...

How wonderful your swap button book is from Penny. She did a fabulous job! And yours to her is lovely. Sharing Button Bliss...

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! Both books are absolutely gorgeous and filled with so many sweet details. Lovely! Happy holidays. Tammy

Kathy said...

Oh.My.Gosh! You both created amazing books and I adore the buttons you used!

suziqu's thread works said...

Both of these little button Christmas books are just so sweet!

Nook and Cranny said...

Oh Laurie, both of the books are so wonderful!

Marrianna said...

Love, love, love both books. Thank you for posting. I followed the link to your Button Floozy blog and got to read the post about the swap. Now I know the size of the small books. I also signed up to follow the BF blog on Bloglovin so I'll get notifications on swaps, etc., from that blog.

Blessings, Marrianna

Pallas said...

Yours and Penny's button themed Christmas books are beautuful - really inspirational.