Any excuse to go to Florence, CO!

So, my son's high school band was marching in the Pioneer Days parade in Florence, CO on Saturday.
They are doing Beatles songs this season, and I adore it -- they sound AWESOME!
Santa was there...
Me, too!
Florence is the world's cutest little town, and, as I've told you before, they have plenty of antiques there!
In fact, for the Pioneer Days celebration, they had a "Junktique" and it was SO. MUCH. FUN!
 We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day...
 and there was plenty of junk to be had!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my post about the Folk Art Festival in our beautiful Red Rocks.  As promised, here's what I picked up between that day, Friday, and then Saturday in Florence:
 Some fun artisan tags; here are just two of them -- the one on the left reminds me of Jane Austen, and the one on the right has a great quote!  (The gal's booth was hopping, and I think it's because we are all so desperate for inspiring words these days -- right?)

The trinket on the left, above, is made from the knot of a vintage tie, some vintage slip strap gadgets, and interesting crocheted buttons/snaps.  You clip it, like a clip on tie, to your collar.  I thought it was clever; the gal who made them makes "tie art" -- collars, skirts, etc. and said she wanted a way to use up the knot which is usually a throw away!  On the right, a lovely little rhinestone-y necklace.
From the Junktique in Florence: a sweet apron, and Scout ephemera
 a grab bag of old ribbon pieces...
a quilt square and some more old ribbon...

and crocheted buttons!
This is my favorite piece of junk of the day: an old box from the dollar table, pink with a sweet colonial scene on the lid and sides -- and then I opened it up to find two vintage bouquets!
The beautiful compote next to it is something that I have been eyeing at a shop that sells estate stuff -- it was 1/2 price, finally, so I treated myself.  More on that sale later!
Did you find any junk this weekend?


Vintage Jane said…
Oh, I so wish I could have been there. Why is it that everyone else's junkfests always look better than the ones you go to yourself?! M x
Your pictures are lovely what a wonderful way to spend a day. I would have loved walking around looking at all the stuff.
Linda Sue said…
Ben is clearly the BEST marcher!
I do hope that you took that wonderful bird cage home! What a lovely thing!
Kathy said…
A marching band playing Beattles music and Santa in a convertible. And Just when you think it can't get any better, a town filled with great junk! Oh, I saw so many things I wanted in those pictures and do not tell me you didn't buy those ribbon scraps for 75 cents!
I loved the tie art ornament thing-y...and the tags...I love to see what people do! Looks like you had a wonderful time! My two kids were in Marching Band also...those were some of the best days of my life! Thanks fo rthe memories!
Unknown said…
Love the tin! Isn't it great when you find something stashed that no one else has seen yet?! Great finds!
Hope said…
I spy a BIG water bottle...good for you!

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