Thursday, September 13, 2012

One man's scrap...

I've been finding very pretty butter plates without their covers at thrift shops, and I can't resist them.  Here's what I made with one the other day:
It's my first attempt and I'm not sure I'm going to keep it, or take it apart and try again.
I "lined" the butter dish with paper, then embellished with old millinery and trim; the focal point is this tiny porcelain ash tray, which I just glued to the paper.
I gave her a word -- SUCCESS.  
The Sunday before Labor Day, my husband and I ran out to lunch.  We wanted sun, diversion, and to eat outdoors.  Since they make the world's BEST roasted chili quesadillas, and serve margaritas, too, we had an epiphany and ended up at our local flea market.  While we ate we enjoyed some of the BEST people watching on the planet -- including an Elvis impersonator! 
Bonus: we made a quick round of the sellers and, as temps rose, many were packing up and heading home.  One couple had two Victorian books of scrap.
One was full, the other wasn't but had a very pretty, embossed, colorful cover.
Here are a few glimpses of the more than 60 pages in the "full" book.
This full page bird litho was in the almost-empty book with the pretty cover.  How could I leave them behind, I ask you?
When you get a chance, please visit Button Floozies to see these beauties that were sent to me from Down Under!


Michaele said...

Love love LOVE the altered butter dish! Find another one and do a panoramic scene with the dish.... longways? Display them both and submit photos of them to Stampington!


Liz said...

Love those scrapbooks - wonderful pictures.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

andrea creates said...

wow -what a pretty butter dish!
love all the goodies you've found :)

Linda Sue said...

woven buttons? How cool!- I like your idea with the butter dishes- maybe pour some sort of resin over the glued in paper just to keep it safe. They are lovely!
Are you sure it was an Elvis impersonator...I hear that he is still alive, you know...could have been the real deal!

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness! Your butter dish is amazing! I think you should leave it as is! You did a phenomenal job on transforming it!

Kathy said...

The butter dish is INSPIRED - what a great idea to use one like a frame!
Great score on the scrap books. I love love those old images. Not a bad score on the Corona and Margarita, either. 8+)

Hope said...

what a great idea michelle had for a panoramic photo display piece!! Great idea!! I think it would be great! great talking to you yesterday!

Kalamity Kelli said...

Just found you and love your site! The butter dish is ingenious! Chili quesadillas - ahhhh how yummy. I sure miss my beloved Colorado somethimes - I've really enjoyed exploring your site and look forward to your next post!

autena said...

Such a super find, those scrapbooks! (and the Margaritas look pretty super too!)