Counting down!

I had to laugh because it seems like just yesterday that I was amazed at how quickly the days were flying by and snapped a picture of my Christmas countdown board:
I'm just now getting around to posting those photos.
And they are already way out of date because here we are, just 4 days from Christmas now!  Time is flying!
I had a fun get-together to make these beauties from a kit by Karla Nathan; the pink one on the left is mine, and the white one is Rebecca's.
Mine has the most beautiful wallpaper wrapping the base:
There were beads in the kit for decorating the tree, but I liked mine plain; I used the beads instead on the ornament we also made from one of Karla's kits:
Rebecca's on the left, mine on the right.
See how I piled the beads at the bottom?  I also added a little vintage bell hanging from a nubby pipe cleaner -- I loved the little smidgen of green in the otherwise neutral palette!
We didn't do the final step with glazing it, but I love it just the same!  I also added my own phrase rather than one of Karla's; ever since we sang O Tannenbaum in our second grade school program it has been one of my holiday favorites!
Here's another tiny glimpse of my own Christmas tree, and an ornament I made last year:
You will be happy to know our tree finally has a lighted star, and most of the gifts are wrapped and under it -- see, I'm not hopelessly behind!


Diana Seal said…
Gorgeous ornaments Laurie!
Have a very Merry Christmas!

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