Christmas is coming

It is nothing if not Christmas-y right now in Colorado; the temperature is hovering at zero or below, sometimes a high of up to 10 the last few days!
My commute to work has been frosty.
At home, it's calmer -- but still icy!
It sure does put you in that Christmas spirit, though!
 ...As does the local vintage market scene!

I picked up a few holiday treats; wanna see?
 First: nothing says Christmas like Holt Howard candle holders from the 1950s!
 The sweet deers even have the look/feel of my Christmas-y Pfaltzgraff china!
(Happy sigh.)
 Then, there was this pink house made of pottery.
 It almost looks like it belongs in Whoville!
I. Love. It.
Then there was this button creation.
And some prettily-packaged German glitter -- one for me, one for a friend.
A tin ornament, and a pile of vintage vellum, embossed papers to create with!
 And this beautiful, WWII Victory handkerchief!
Look at that sweet swallow!
A gift arrived in the mail from Karla; I bought up some of her extra kits from an art class he held last month that I wasn't able to attend -- and she sent along this gorgeous hand painted ornament!  I love it.
I managed to fit in a bit of creative gifting myself; and as soon as the recipient tells me she's seen it I will show you!
The fun's going on this month at Tag Tuesday; above, my tag for the theme of Angels!  I'm thankful for Tag Tuesday and the chance to fit in some theme-creating with my current hectic schedule.  Did you make time for creating this week?


JoJo said…
I love vintage christmas stuff so much!
You found so many wonderful things, and I love the ornament from Karla! We're freezing, too, but unlike you, I haven't left my house since last Thursday. Hate. The. Cold. With a passion.
Beth Leintz said…
Love love love the Howard Hold- it has that "atomic" look of the '50's-60's. And the pink Whoville house- just darling.

Stay warm, stay safe on your commute!
Kathy said…
I am not familiar with Howard Holt but want to make friends now - lol! Love those candle holders. Be safe on those roads.
Marrianna said…
No crafting at my house but I got some art trade cards photographed and put in an envelope to mail to the swap hostess. I've been THINKING about crafting but can't get in the mood. However, I went to a few local holiday bazaars and got a few things. Also went to a couple of thrift stores and found a few treasures. Yes, the zero temps are hard to take. Thank God for a working furnace.
I have a similar house in green, I call it an elf home, but maybe I should call it a Whoville house for this time of year.

Glad you liked your ornie!!
Kelli Davidson said…
I love ALL the things you got but the little reindeer candle holders are the best! It's been so icy and cold here that our state has been pretty much shut down since last Thursday! Seriously, we have not left the house in four days and most people can't even get down our street.......wish I could go shopping with you!
a sweet world said…
Great blog!!
Can we follow each other via gfc bloglovin ang g+?
Follow me and leave me a comment so that I can follow you back..
You sure did find some fun vintage goodies. Hope you stay warm and safe, and that we can all start to thaw out a bit.
Kelli Davidson said…
It came it came it finally came!!! It was stuck behind something in th postperson's truck even though it kept saying it had been delivered on tracking. Thank you! So beautiful- every single thing. You are so incredibly talented!!

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