Snowy Friday Finds

Greetings from the first blizzard of 2012 in Colorado!  Ben has a Snow Day and is still upstairs snoring away; Dennis braved going to work despite the main highway between here and there being closed this morning; and I was up pre-dawn for no reason at all!
Ben last weekend, ice climbing in the mountains with his Scout troop
All the Valentine Swap packages are in the mail; Dennis and I drove out in last night's storm as it was just picking up to make sure we deposited the last of the packages in the mailbox -- knowing we wouldn't want to go out in the weather this morning!
Since I was up early and feel so organized today, I have some time to show you my latest finds!  This little girl is a detail of a vintage valentine I purchased at an antique show about a month ago...
here's her little friend, peeking around that honeycombed center...
and there it is in all its faded glory!  I love the old honeycomb tissue decorations -- don't you?

The same gal who was selling the valentine also had this bag of old greeting cards that I couldn't resist.  They were older and more tattered than the ones I usually find; the seller was an estate sale broker, and I felt that the cards were a compilation of bits and pieces of correspondence from a few different estates.
This was one of my even has a single blue flower to make it 3D.
I like this stylized one...and the fact that the recipient noted what the gift was (a kettle.)
"At home" cards from the late 1800s, as well as a funeral notice for Hannah Lucinda Sweet.
I fell in love with this single, soft blue porcelain plate; it is decorated with lovely painted relief flowers.  On it, another graduation notice.  I have been finding these lately, and I love them for the paper, the embossing...
and the sweet details, such as the class motto ("Finished -- Yet Beginning"), as well as the old-fashioned names.  This one is from 1919, and that attracted me as well, as 19 is my favorite number (being born on the 19th myself.)
I bought a double deck of lovely Whitman playing cards -- I just love the castle and prince and princess motif against the gilded background!
At another antique store, I picked up a grab bag of bead remnants; it looks as though it was a bunch of trim pieces and broken necklaces someone put aside to make into beaded flowers, like those in the foreground, left.  I can see sewing bits of it onto all kinds of decorative objects!
I was so excited to find this -- I've long wanted a fabric or paper-covered box like it!  This one is made from wonderfully worn fabric, and I love the color and the print!
I'm guessing it began life as a jewelry box; the top lifts up, and then there are two drawers beneath it.
Of course I will be filling mine with buttons, flowers, and trims!  I can hardly wait to get started!
Speaking of trim: I spied this roll of satin ribbon in a grab bag at the thrift store; I bought it and donated back the rest of the ribbon, which I didn't need.  It was so worth the price of the whole bag!  I love it when I find old ribbon that is rolled up along with a paper strip!  What is it about stuff like that?
I wish I had found this heart trim before I worked on my valentine swaps!  Oh well -- hearts are for all year, aren't they?
This little bird isn't vintage, but I did get it at an antique store.  It's posing prettily there with an antique spring (on the right), and some more bags of trim (behind it); the bird looks like it's ready to make a meal of those pretty shell buttons, doesn't it?  (Not on my watch!)


Unknown said…
Very nice! I bought several bags of cards at an antique store a few months ago. When I was going through them recently I noticed they were all from the same family...on the anniversary and christmas cards the mother wrote on the back what the gifts she received were. So neat to see what she got, and to imagine what this family may have been like. I'll have to share them soon! Maybe it was just an organized way to keep track for your Thank You notes!?
Wendy said…
These are some really great finds. I love the puffy paper as well! And your bag of beads are just wonderful! I love finding beads and treasures like that.
Kathy said…
I adore those yummy old greeting cards. I have been having a lot of fun color-copying onto fabric lately and those cards put all kinds of ideas in my head! i haven't looked through my own stash in a while so I'm thinking I need to get them out and go through them. Thank you for sharing and take care in that snow!
Vintage Jane said…
Wow, what treasures. The cards are lovely and the box was a fantastic find. But for me, my faves are the playing cards ... I have a bit of a thing about them and have amassed several packs over the past year, intending to use them as price tags but now i cannot bear to part with them! M x
Lots of great finds. I love the vintage valentines! hugs, Linda
Dee in N.H. said…
You just find the most coolest stuff!! Stay warm and comfy inside while it storms! (My favorite part of a blizzard)
Anonymous said…
Can I buy some beads from you! Just a few...I would like to try an incorporate them into my embroidery.
Unknown said…
You just find the greatest treasures...Just LOVING those at home cards--that's a beautiful photo...

And, my Jed just went to a Boy Scout Open House at the troop he is considering joining and he loved it. I see the photo of Ben and it is hard for me to believe that Jed will be out there doing things like that with his troop!
So many lovely things! You have the best eye. Can't wait to shop with you!
You found some wonderful vintage items! love the Valentines! The blue plate is a beauty!

Your son looks like he's having fun!

Splendid Little Stars
Oh you have some amazing finds here Laurie. I guess Colorado is getting all the snow this winter. At least snow in the Rockies means more water in Lake Powell and Lake Mead later on. Love the ice climbing pics too. That is a sport I would love to try at least once. Can't wait to get the ornaments!
Sherri said…
Great finds and I love the little birdie! I love vintage cards and am always on the lookout for them.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, Laurie! I heard about that blizzard and could not believe it. I thought surly the made an error on the inches of snow you all received. Well you know we have not had a flake so I guess it all got stopped at your state. ;-)

These finds are so amazing. You are the best treasure hunter I have ever seen. Hugs, my friend.
Lynn said…
Oh my! What wonderful finds! I enjoyed studying each one. The old cards are wonderful. I love collecting vintage greeting cards and the like. And your fabric covered jewelry box is lovely Thanks for sharing them and for visiting Cottage and Creek. Have a great week and stay warm :) I'm kinda missing the snow this year. Very unusual winter for us here in WNY.
Lynn at Cottage and Creek

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