Beautiful things

A lovely tray, found at an antique store earlier this week
the valentine I received in the swap, from Robin
some of the pretty gifts I received from swap participants Michele and Sharon
inside the tiny container
valentines and notes from swap participants
pink heart from Wendy, handmade plaque from Karen, and "L"s galore
postcards from my hometown and the environs, from Karen
vintage goodies from Suzanne, a blue button bag by Tami, and bird box by Robin

a jar I filled and decorated
if you don't already follow Button Floozies, go here to see a Valentine I received from Linda Sue
Yet one more beautiful thing: a novel I just finished, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.  Even if you haven't read it, you may have heard about the movie, out in theaters now, based on this book.  I cannot speak for the movie, because I haven't seen it -- but the book is a work of art.  For me, novels like this are few and far between, with writing so beautiful it literally takes my breath away.  My son came into the room the other night when I was re-reading the first page of Extremely Loud and he asked me how it was.  I read him a paragraph and even he said, "Wow."  (I love that boy; he reads for pleasure, writes sometimes, and he absolutely understands how I feel about words!)  Page one lays bare the main character's heart; and the first few lines of page two go on to tell you his story that succinctly.  The rest of the novel is gravy.  It's poetry.  It's a thing of beauty.


Kathy said…
Oh you lucky girl, what beautiful treasures!
Lorraine said…
What lovely and wonderful treasures. Happy Valentine's Day!

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