A country estate sale, part 1

We had an estate sale in my hometown the other day, and I found so many cute things!  I am going to show you, and this time I thought I'd leave the price stickers showing in case you are interested in the kinds of deals that are out there:
This caught my eye: a steel countertop piece from ca. late '50-'60s.  It is a Bread box on the bottom, and then there are removable, slide out canisters for Sugar, Flour, Coffee and Tea.
The wooden handles need to be perked up but it is otherwise pristine.  It was $4.50.
Cute cake carrier.  It has a wonderful backyard BBQ image on the front -- cute little doggie at the bottom, can you see it?
I just loved the knobbiness of the handles and the way it's all put together!  It was $3.
You can never have too many pretty storage pieces, I always say.  The blue jar with porcelain lid was the most expensive, at $2.50.  I usually see them in that color for $8 and up at antique shops.  The one next to it, not blue, was only 50 cents even though it had the same nice porcelain lid.  The fancy shaped clear jar on the end was $2 -- overpriced but I loved the shape and wanted it for those little jar scenes I make.  The little blue one in front was 75 cents...
I love the little handles on the sides!  It was a honey or jam jar originally.  I bought two, and shared!
Sweet, sturdy basket; it was $3.50.
I cannot explain why I had to buy this can that once contained 100 lbs. of lard.  The little Homer Laughlin creamer is sitting next to it for scale -- I got that at the estate sale, too.
Maybe because the can is such a pretty blue...or because it's so beat up and had such a cool lid...
It was $3, and it made a good holding container for all the other stuff I found at the sale!
Moving on from storage to ephemera, I found the (above) little artichoke jar full of red, white and blue photo corners.  I had never seen these before, and I loved'em.  50 cents for the jar full; there were even more but I shared.
Ditto on the little plastic animal and apparatus charms.  I think they will be fun additions to tags -- I love to glue/tie stuff to my art tags!
I kept all these for myself; tiny crown clips.  I think they are for paper, or they might be hair clips.  I will use them as little headgear for some of my bird art!
Some cute, kitschy Betty Crocker booklets from the past -- I loved the title of that one on the right: Foods Men Like.  There was a cute kids one too that went to a friend, as did a second little dictionary like this one by Eline's.
I thought Eline's was a dictionary maker I'd never heard of, like Webster, but instead I discovered it was a food company!
As I flipped through the book, the definition of "glucose" caught my eye: grape-sugar.  This is an old dictionary!
Again, I think it was the color of this little bell that made me want it, for 50 cents.
I just liked the design, and the words...I know, I am a nut!  So much more to show you from this one estate sale...this will be a multiple-part post!


carol fun said…
Very cool finds! Love the ephemera - all those little trinkets make me smile!
Wow, such interesting items!!
Dee in N.H. said…
Wow! Very impressed! You got some amazing stuff, I especially love the bread box!
Vintage Jane said…
Lucky you - some fantastic finds. Love the cupboard and tin and patriotic photo corners. M x
Unknown said…
wow, what an awesome lot of treasure Laurie. I love the jars. Gorgeous.
The blue Mrs Tuckers lard can is my favorite. I use to have all country kitchen items like that in my old pie safes

I would love to go estate sale shopping with you
Tami Hacker said…
What a great haul.... wished I could have been shopping with you!!
Deana said…
I have wanted one of those canister sets with the bread box on the bottom for years! Nice finds!
Sherri said…
Whoa! Awesome finds. Love them all. I have a thing for jars too. The blue bell is adorable. And that bread storage box is over the TOP wonderful. Great great prices too.
Kathy said…
Fun finds and love that little blue jar!
Unknown said…
That was an awesome sale! Those little blue jars had honey in them most of the time. They come in Pink, green and yellow pastel too! The gumball charms are an amazing find. Check out how much they sell for on E-Bay! I have a jello book like the Betty Crockers and the illustrator reminds me of Peter Max / Beatles illustrations! I can't wait to see what else you got!

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