Happy Valentine's Day!

This was the scene out my window on Sunday -- those are robins hiding from the sideways-blowing snow -- but yesterday and today, Valentine's Day, the sun is out!
This is what I bought myself a couple of weeks ago -- by Beth Quinn.  She was having an awesome promotion and it was a steal.  (Yes, I told my husband that it was his Valentine's Day gift to me!  And I didn't wear it until today!)  Can you read it?  It says, "she knew she could so she did"; it is a saying that means a lot to me.
I finally received 13 of the 14 tags I did for a tag swap; one of them is still on its way.  Here's the one I made...
I used vintage school paper, a red doily, and a cute little girl on a vintage valentine.  On the reverse, some of that pretty vintage wallpaper.
It's not my usual style...more whimsical and fun and I really like how it turned out!
And here are all the rest!  A closer look at each...

Yes, it was as much fun as it looks!

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day, dwelling on love and loved ones!  I have so many more pretty things to show you -- so come back and see me all week!


Happy Valentine's Day, Laurie!
At first I thought the red spots in the tree might have been outdoor Valentine decorations! lol What a beautiful sight, as are your gorgeous tags! I also love your necklace and must keep Beth Quinn in mind for future gifts-to-me occasions!
Connie said…
Your tags are really cute!
Those tags are so cute! gosh I wish I was talented so I could do a swap! Love the birds in the tree...such a pretty picture! Happy V-Day!
Linda said…
Poor little birds but what a sight. Would have liked to seen it. Love those tags-you did a great job. I am absolutely envious with the vintage wallpaper on the back. Necklace was very thoughtful and beautiful gift from your husband.
momto8 said…
wow..you made a great haul!! good for you! I can't believe they are birds in that tree..pretty neat picture!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
Your tags are all so cute, so much cuter than any I can make.

I got the buttons in the mail today for the lady who is working on her mothers gloves. I called her and she is so excited

Thanks you again Laurie

Janice xoxoxoxo

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