Vera Neumann and other great women designers

I just restocked my Etsy shop with fresh vintage Vera Neumann scarves.
Vintage Vera long purple scarf
I usually can't resist buying her stuff; it's so beautiful and so iconic.  What I don't keep myself, I love to offer to her collectors.
Vintage Vera sheer scarf, paisley
her iconic signature
There are many people selling Vintage Vera on Etsy, so I try to stand out by offering free shipping on all my Vera scarves.
beautiful sunburst scarf
I received a copy of this book about Vera for my birthday last year -- I highly recommend it!  Gorgeous photos and everything you ever wanted to know about her!
Another great designer is my friend LuLu Kellogg, who makes all kinds of amazing things to drool over, but especially jewelry.  Her packaging is so beautiful, too!
For the last several days she's been offering a HUGE, generous sale on Etsy -- 50% off of her gorgeous jewels, the coupon code is right there on top of her shop!  What are you waiting for?

Be still my heart, look what I got!  It's mine, all mine!
Yet another amazing designer: Hope Ellington -- another lovely someone I was lucky enough to meet at Silver Bella, and then hang out with again at Birdsong last year!  I told you about her new shop opening last week, and a few days later all this arrived in the mail to my utter delight!
We've been exchanging some love, and she sent this thank you: it's a metal typewriter parts container -- swoon-worthy all on its own -- but then filled with vintage perfection including the most incredible little buttons that make my heart skip a beat, and some beautiful hand-dyed, handmade rosettes from coffee filters!
And then the coup de grace -- look at this!  Hope is so talented.  She is a soldering diva!  I am in awe and thrilled to personally know such talented, designing women!


Hope said…
I am happy you like your little gifts!
Pretty, pretty! I especially like the yellow and orange one.

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