Valentine Swap, Part 2

I'm so glad you all enjoyed Part 1!  I know, right?  Totally beautiful and inspiring!  Are you ready for more?
Beautiful hearts by Pam -- front (above)...
and back!  Sweetness!
Sparkly beauty by Michele!  I would swap with her any day of the week!
(back of Michele's)
My buddy Suzanne's antique doll shoe, embellished!  Each one was different, but they were all boxed so prettily that this is the only one I opened up to photograph!
Swoon!  Lucky, lucky swappers!
Cami's gorgeous little rose and glittered box (it's tiny matchbook-sized)!
Lynn's perfectly pink velvet heart!  Each one was different!  She also sent along a love-themed mini book to each of her swap partners!
Wendy's lavishly-embellished hearts!
Each one different!
Robin's birds atop little spools!
 I've never seen anything like it!  So frothy and creative!
Another component of the swap was to send along one handmade Valentine!  I didn't get to photograph most of those, because they were generally in an envelope and I thought I'd let the lucky recipient share them on their own blog.  I did, though, snap a photo of a couple of the one, above, by Cami! Gorgeous!  (There was also a tiny frozen charlotte slipped in the pocket that didn't make it into the photo.)
And this one by the ueber-talented Lynn, which I found completely swoon worthy!  I plan to try to make one like it, because I had a hard time not keeping it for myself!

I'm sure all the valentines sent and received were gorgeous and I hope everyone posts photos so I can see them all!

Thank you to all the wonderful gals who swapped!

I'd also like to thank everyone who sweetly sent along a gift or extra ornament for me!  I loved it all!
I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!


Vintage Jane said…
Wow, these and the beauties in the previous post are all absolutely amazing. What talents. M x
Lisa said…
Oh my gosh Laurie! They are all fantastic!
Wendy said…
Hi Laurie, all the ornaments are so beautiful in this swap. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful swap for us!
Linda E. Pruitt said…
I'm sorry that I missed participating in this swap! everything is gorgeous!
miss lynn said…
great swap, laurie!
thanks for letting me
participate, and for
the sweet words!
Sharon Morrison said…
Thank you for sharing the Valentine swap pictures. It was fun and I hung my valentine on a large branch I brought in the house, and placed in a big urn. The branch is decorated for valentines day.
Nice job by all!

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