More thrifty, junkin' fun!

I've been enjoying the Olympics so much and hate to see them end!  I'm watching the Closing Ceremony even as I type tonight.
"The Postboys" depicted on a blue and white Bavarian china plate
I would have loved to have been in England for these games!
The second set of these stitched towels I have found lately
But the TV coverage was very good, and we had a lot to cheer for on Team USA!
Pretty bubbly flower bottle with stopper
My son went back to school this past Monday, so I had some extra time on my hands to unpack, photograph, and list some of summer's bounty in my shop!
English demitasse cup and saucer
But the stuff I'm showing you is mine, all mine -- not destined for the shop but my own shelves!
Two sweet embroidered curtains
I like to pick up these divided dishes for button-sorting -- even better when they come with a cover and stand!
I have also enjoyed using these vintage wire trays for my ephemera, and have begun to pick them up when I see them cheap.  Now I have a total of 3.
This sweet bird dish reminds me of a certain Kansas event I like to go to annually.
Some vintage jewelry to re-purpose...
including this sweet, sectioned owl with just one missing rhinestone.
A bag of pretty shoe clips, too.
In the photo above, some things I picked up to use in my art.  The pink coasters are lightweight plastic and I'm imagining them as as Christmas ornaments, perhaps.
Max Factor compact with The Lion and the Lamb motif on a pocket watch form
I'm trying to get caught up on my blog visiting, so maybe I'll see what you've thrifted lately!
Leave me a note, because all comments on recent blog posts from now until August 28 will be an entry in my 800 Post/4 Years Etsy Shop giveaway!


Kathy said…
Love the pretties! I have two of those aluminum covers and use them on apothocary jars. I always thought they might even be candle holders. No matter, I love the hammered aluminum!!
Dee in N.H. said…
Nice stuff!!! Love the bright yellow bird!
autena said…
I have a divided dish that won't seem to sell. maybe I should use it for buttons too....
Gill said…
I love the cup and saucer!
Linda said…
see you've been having fun! some very good finds. and being from KS i recognize the meadowlark-state bird. a nice song bird.
Unknown said…
Can't wait to see what you turn those coasters into. I never would have thought of that! Great finds!
WW said…
Love that owl!

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