Gypsy Songs and Spells Book -- finished!

Karla was kind enough to send me the bag of supplies I'd inadvertently left behind at Romantic Gothic Ghosts and, when it arrived yesterday, I sat down and finished off the Gypsy Songs and Spells Book that was Beth's project!
Can I just say one more time how much I loved this project?  This (above) is the cover.
first two pages
third page
fourth page
I just had so much fun with an abundance of neutral/fall-colored supplies, and enjoyed just mixing them up without much planning.  It was so free-ing and I really think you could do no wrong -- I thought every page turned out great!
fifth and sixth pages
If I'm not mistaken, that photo of the man and woman is one of Karla's ancestors!
Paper, pearls flowers...
sixth and seventh pages -- the one on top is actually my name tag from the craft day!
On the bottom page, a width of pale ribbon that opens to reveal...
another faux tintype, set over music and lace
Here's the back cover.
I can't wait to make more!


Susan said…
Very cute book! Looks like it would be so fun to make!
Shane Pollard said…
Oh Laurie
It is such a beautiful little book, I love the soft felt and all the wonderful lace and embellishing you've done - it's a treasure!
I LOve pretty things too.

You US gals are so lucky having access to these wonderful workshops with Karla and Beth!
I took part in Karla's Birdsong tag swap and loved it.
Shane ♥
Unknown said…
Very cute! Wonderful job!
Claudia said…
I love what you did! Your book is wonderful! Looks like all of you had so much fun!
Beth Leintz said…
Love how you went all out and used so many different textures and pieces in book- makes it so interesting and rich looking. I've got to go back and look at the pages again!
Kathy said…
Love your results and I see you were following Karla's mantra - use the good stuff. Looks beautiful!
Love every page! You know I'm a big fan of the way you put things together.
Unknown said…
Really stunning!!! I love it!
This is wonderful and so full of pretty little treasures. I really all the pictures and especially the third page with the flowers with the printed iron gate. Very nice Laurie:-)
Anonymous said…
this is beyond beautiful! each page is so special. love love love it.
autena said…
Right after I read this post, I came to this blog (which I follow) and, lo and behold...

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