2 weeks ago today: West Bottoms Warehouse Weekend in Kansas City!

Two weeks ago today I was having the junque-ing time of my life in the warehouse district of Kansas City at their once a month sale.
Oh my goodness, we had the BEST TIME!  And I took LOTS of photos to show you.
Here are just some of them!
There were 22 shops open, so we walked around a lot and it was really COLD that day -- brrr!

I always have to photograph "R"s for Jeanelle...
This (above) was when my 'partners in crime', (Suzanne and Tami) and I visited Carol Spinski's booth!
 This display was inside a bathroom!  By the way, I was really impressed with the number of available restrooms in all the shops!

 Halloween decor galore


So many fun Fall displays!

I pretty much just photographed everything I liked!
Or, that I thought was styled interestingly!
 Or, that I wanted and knew wouldn't fit in my suitcase!  Like this kitschy plastic Christmas candle display!

 Or that was really creepy and different!

 I really loved the atmosphere -- dark and dank and industrial, with the light filtered through tall, old windows.

 bouncy chair

 feather bed

 Those Vera placemats and napkins spilling off the chair ended up coming home with me; and, that's a quilt framed in orange on the right.

I got to meet Sarah who was there with a booth named after her blog, My So Called Junky Life.

At one point we ran into fellow Romantic Gothic Ghosts attendees/friends, Gail and Marj Sell (far right); I'm not sure what I'm saying but I look like I'm singing, don't I?

 (Look closely: that's a footstool decorated with SPOOLS!)

 a preview of coming attractions (Yorkies!)
 Creepy 2 headed duck!

 That's coral coming out of her old bottles...
 Wake up!
 More creepy stuff: this time, mushroom lichen!

 Love this!

 Pretty burlap runner...with buttons!

 Typewriter weirdness!

 It makes me want to throw out all my "new" furniture in my house and start over!

 Creative creepy
Mad scientist!

 Cool old mid century lamp -- pink!

 So much inspiration, everywhere!

 Coolers as diffusers!

A week wouldn't have been enough!


Oooh, I am SO jealous! I see about a zillion things I'd love to have. Thanks for sharing the pics of your wonderful day!
Michelle said…
Wow, what an amazing place. There are so many great items in your pics. If I lived anywhere near this place, I'd definitely be broke from spending all my money there. ~Michelle
Anonymous said…
that's a place i'd like to be just before Christmas. if you throw your furniture-don't buy the wake up room stuff! nauseating. what a fun time with friends-enjoyed the pictures.
Suz said…
Wow. That is totally amazing. I see all kinds of things I want right now! I didn't even know Karla was having this. I did go to Handmade U and am getting back in the swing of buying and creating and purging craft supplies. It feels so good to be back! I would love to swap with you sometime...maybe after Christmas.
Big hugs,
Dee in N.H. said…
Oh sigh....I would be in soooo much trouble! What an amazing show!!
Tami Hacker said…
It was an amazingly exhausting day spent with my Gal Pals Laurie & Suzanne! I hope we can do it again!!

The Kansas City West Bottoms Vintage stores are only open the first weekend of any month...find the first Friday of any month & that's the weekend the stores are open.

You did take lots of pictures. I enjoyed them all and I spotted a candelalbra I liked very much sitting on a chair.
My daughter and I went to Good JuJu once


I have my button swap tin however I have never posted in Flick what ever so can you do it for me If I send you the pictures? Or guess you can give me a lesson ?
Kathy said…
This is torture! There is so much goodness I can't even say what I like the best! It brought something home to me, though. I think the reason I crave having an antique mall space is more about getting to style it than about selling the junk - LOL! There is no way I can style my home that way so I want a "playhouse" at the mall.
Beth Leintz said…
I've been pouring over pictures trying to figure out who booths belong too...and I recognized some pieces that dealers bought from me! You covered a lot of territory, fun to see all the pictures.
Unknown said…
Looks amazing...now I need to go pull out all my old doll heads for Halloween....The X-rays are funny to me because I use old dental X-rays sometimes for Halloween (since I work in that industry ;) Maybe I should start selling them! After seeing it a 2nd time - I want to know where you got that super cute Grey Coat! Please don't say you've had it for years! Looks like you had a fabulos time!
What an amazing experience!! Your pix are fabulous and I just don't know how you could make purchase selections when everything is so fantastic!! So glad you had an oppt'y. to experience this, dear Laurie, so have a great "eye" for treasures!!

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