Autumn shopping, Kansas style

We visited several antique malls while in Kansas City, and all were new to me.  It was so much fun to shop with my like-minded buddies!  I really enjoyed the autumnal displays -- including some spooky Halloween vignettes -- and I took a TON of photos.  These are from our first afternoon there, when Tami maximized our time near the airport by taking us to the Rusty Chandelier.  Enjoy!
I've wanted to visit the Rusty Chandelier for ages!
 Suzanne and I -- ready to shop!
It was almost more fun outdoors than it was inside!

Look at all that junk!
There were two malls right next to each other!
I think this is my favorite photo from the whole trip!  We are in a wonderful booth full of fun stuff, and a friendly shopper agreed to photograph us all together through this hanging frame.
The gal whose booth we were visiting had fun crowns!

We saw a lot of mannequin body parts on display in the stores!

 A coffee filter blossom with a button center!

 We had a lot of fun in Tami's favorite fabric booth!

 Cute collages, cut from vintage pattern covers
 I would have loved to have taken this set of chairs home!
 Unusual vintage Disney
 Burlap was EVERYwhere!
Yep, it's Fall.
More to come -- stay tuned!


Anonymous said…
that's almost overload-you notice i said almost.
Soooo much fun junque - thanks for sharing!
Kathy said…
Sooo fun to see different stuff! I WANT that shell-back chair and love the little birdie book. Thanks for the great tour!
Those look like FUN antique malls!
What a fun shopping day!! Now I'm really in the Halloween spirit! Would love to read the Ducky Downy bird autobiography...soooo cute!!
Ann said…
Oh, all that junk is simply wonderful. We drive by the Rusty Chanelier several times a year when we go to see our daughter in Lawrence. Your great photos have convinced me to stop next time. Now if I can just bet my husband to make the stop!

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