Gifts from afar

I was gifted a package of good stuff for crafting and creating from one of the people who reads this blog regularly, Linda!  Linda lives in Canada and let me know she had some things she was ready to part with that she just knew I would like and could use.  And, could I!
I wouldn't even know where to star in saying what my favorites were; high on the list are the button cards, especially the one with red buttons that says "Made in Canada" at the bottom!  I don't have a card like this, and don't think I've ever had any buttons that were labeled Canadian before.

If you take a close look there are also cameos and other jewelry findings, and those fabulous clock faces that are made of porcelain!  The pink beaded trim is heavy and luxurious, and the dark green and sparkly motifs have me dreaming of Mardi Gras crafting!

Everything is a delight, and I can't wait to show Linda once I've used some of her beautiful things in upcoming projects!  You guys are so good to me!


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