Have you Been to the Goodwill Bins?

Goodwill has what they call Outlet Center, or sometimes Outlet World, stores.  Ours in Colorado Springs opened a few years ago, and recently I decided to check out the three that are in nearby Denver.  What I've discovered is that the one we have is the best.  One of the Denver outlets, in Englewood, is also decent.  The one in Aurora is terrible -- dirty, gross, small.  The other day I finally made it to the third Denver one.  It was also, in my opinion, gross.  As in, I wouldn't ever go back!  Before leaving, though, I did find a pile of vintage linens and doilies, all in the same bin.  I thought you'd like to see:
 The whole pile
 A remnant of lace

 I loved how this one was already nicely "stained" with age
 I thought these were unique little inserts

 Kinda unusual fish motif

 Pale blue with rose

My favorite; this is just a very small square

To give you an idea of price: since they sell by the pound in these stores (the Colorado Springs store sells for $1.29/lb.), this whole lot pictured was only $1.50.  I love using these kinds of items for crafting and I'm accustomed to paying a lot more for them than this!

Shopping there can be competitive and lots of people disdain the digging.  I feel that, if you're willing to put up with the discomfort of grabby hands, dust and digging, it is a real treasure hunting experience to shop at the bins.  I recommend trying it!


Linda said…
Hi, especially like the "fish" one...so different. I remember on trips to the USA being totally in love with the "Goodwill" stores. We have our share of thrift stores up here in Canada, but nothing like these ones, especially where you can buy by-the-pound. You really got your money's worth and such a nice selection.
Lottie said…
I love all of these! I haven't been to the Goodwill stores in a long time. Seems like several years ago they had big prices on everything and lots of blogs were complaining about it. I lost interest, but these beautiful pieces today have got me rethinking the Goodwill. Best wishes, Lottie
Oh yes...the bins sometimes have fabulous finds. I'm amazed at what folks throw away! You've reminded me...there are bins somewhat near me, I must visit.
Kelli Davidson said…
The bins are great! I love to go and what I do is put on some surgical gloves (get some at your local CVS or Walgreens or Walmart) and then under your nails don't get so grimy!
Michele said…
Which store in the Springs did you go to? I normally go to the one on Austin Bluffs Pkwy....and I've never seen those awesome linens!!!
Coming to the BIG-ol,
John Belushi, party-hardy
in Seventh-Heaven ..??

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