Friday, March 23, 2018

What am I?

I bought this little metal thing from a friend and fellow junker/artist a few years ago:
What is it?
I mean, seriously: what the heck is it?  Any ideas?

Happy Friday!


Lorraine said...

A wine server? The bottle goes in the two rings on the right, supported by the bottom. The handle is on the left. Really just guessing.

Linda said...

How about a napkin holder? Folded napkins held between the two circles. It's not what it is, but what it could be. It has good bones that can be 'transformed' with your brilliant ideas Laurie.
Cheers, Linda.

Laurie said...

Lorraine, it could be if it was bigger! I should have given dimensions; it's just about 4" tall, so the holes are about 1.5" in diameter. :) But -- good guess!

Laurie said...

Linda, you're right! It could be a napkin holder, and sometimes they come with a little "foot". But, I don't think that is what its original intent was... :)