Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Happy new year, and, do you have a "word"?

Happy new year!  I hope you ended last year on a happy note and find yourself comfortably introduced into the new year.  I did, and I am.  Tell me, did you pick one of those "words of the year" for yourself?
The word of the year has been kind of "a thing" for the last several years on social media: choosing one word that describes what you'd like to focus on in the year to come.  I normally don't commit to one word, and I typically ignore all suggestions to do so.  But TODAY, about the 8th time someone (the yoga instructor at my free Wednesday class) asked me to do so, I decided I would choose a word:
Over the last several years I've had some health challenges, and I'm just now having another, new one.  Nothing serious.  But, I'm beginning treatment for it, and have decided that it needs to be a priority.  I know I will enjoy improved quality of life once I've got it under control.  I also know it's going to be a pain, and that the treatment will involve trial and error (and already has) -- but I'm committing to it, and furthermore, intend to give myself a lot of breaks and grace as I go forward with this.  It's most important this year for my health to be restored.  Restore.

If you too have a word you've chosen, I want to hear about it!
So, backing up a little: I really made a point to enjoy this past Christmas, and really take things easy.  In the photo above, I was going to an antique store and made a spontaneous decision to put on one of my vintage Christmas corsages for the shopping trip!  It made me happy.
 Another thing that made me happy was the unexpected kindness of friends; the tree made of green buttons, above, was just one of the many gifts I received from my creative friend Liz.
Here is another: a bell she made from aluminum molds, with a handle of buttons and a clacker that's a key -- all vintage!
And this adorable ornament she created with a lovely, bird themed button as a focal point!  All of the gifts I received this year from family and friends were so very thoughtful, and so reflective of who I am and what I love; that feeling that people "know" me is so important to me!  Besides these button art pieces and ephemera, I received, among other things, a wrapped gift from Tiffany's, a scarf decorated with text from Pride and Prejudice, Vera Neumann linens, and a Downton Abbey calendar!  I felt very, very spoiled.  I learned some years ago that gifts of the heart is my "love language", and this holiday season in particular was a great example of that!
Of course, spending time with those I love the most was the most precious gift!
In Colorado, we have had so many very cold days in December and January -- colder than in recent memory.  Ben was home for a couple of weeks to visit, and we spent a lot of time indoors, snuggled up under blankets, watching television and stuff like that; we were also all sick with a cold part of the time!  But how blessed we felt to have warmth, shelter, and togetherness.
I still feel very much in the throes of a cold, long winter.  I'm already dreaming of Spring!
Look at these wonderful buttons I found at an antique store yesterday!  Now, these get me right into a valentine-crafting mood, dreaming of shades of pink, fluffy tulle and romantic vintage images!  I have a couple of projects in the works -- more on those later!


Claudia said...

I think my word of the year should be patience. I broke my left arm November 14th and got the cast off December 24th. The cast went from my fingertips up the arm past the elbow and almost to my armpit. That changed Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm in therapy now and doing well but I think things should go faster. So . . . I need to work on patience.

Glad Ben was home for 2 weeks and your family had a good Christmas. Sorry everyone had colds.

Happy New Year!

Lorraine said...

I thought about choosing a word. I thought about choosing FINISH because I have so many things that I want to finish, but then I thought it would make people think that I'm finished so unless I find a good synonym, I guess I just will have to think FINISH. Love the corsage and the bell ornament is so creative! I'm glad that you got to slow down and enjoy your family. I wish you a happy and healthy New Year - you will be in my prayers.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Love your corsage! Happy New Year to you and yours.

Marrianna said...

I have more than one word, however, they all are linked in meaning and passion:
I just got the book THE BULLET JOURNAL METHOD and I know it is already helping me focus on what is important this year. I’m reading the whys and the how will come as I review info online and as I process this new project.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. So wonderful to see the photo of your loved ones and you with your beautiful corsage. Love the handcrafted ornaments and those heart buttons.

We in Flagstaff suffered those same really cold temps around New Year’s Day. Ugh. It has to snow to warm up.

Blessings to you and prayers for improved health.

Kathy Bremer said...

Laurie, you’ve inspired me to chose a word. Mine is BEGIN. Instead of sitting here thinking must do this, I’d like to do this, I should do this — I shall BEGIN. I’ve joined the local community center and have begun water aerobics classes 3 mornings a week. It’s going to make a difference to repeat the word BEGIN each morning. Thanks, Kathy

Curtains in My Tree said...

My new word is THANKFUL
every day I am going to write down 3 things I am thankful for that day

LOVE your new button finds the sweet little hearts

Glad your son was home for a while,I miss all my 3 kids being grown and always gone. I get to see them once a year however for couple days

I always say I'm HOME ALONE

I hope we find lots new buttons this year

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday season. Love the 'heartfelt' gifts you received from your friends - you keep good, loving company.

My word for 2019 is actually 2 words "COMFORT ZONE". Last year my husband passed away, and I timidly stepped outside my comfort zone on a couple of occasions. This year I start every day reminding myself to expand and enjoy my new found comfort zone. It's a subtle reminder that my husband rests on my shoulder whispering those 2 words to me as I expand and enjoy my new boundaries.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2019.

Cheers, Linda.