A visit with vintage

I made a quick breeze through a local vintage marketplace yesterday; this was necessary since my husband and son were along.  If you asked them, they would not have described it as a quick breeze through but, trust me, it was! I took some photos so you could come along with me.
Seriously -- after all these years of blogging, that's how I feel when I'm in a store and see a pretty sight: that I should photograph it and bring you all along.
There was lots of this pretty blue.
I love these buttons on Bingo cards.
Here's a different mannequin/dress form than I am used to seeing!
A display of license plates on a shelf that I found rather artistic.
How cute is this framed print?  It's one I'd never seen before but was $65 so it stayed behind.
This antique store has an indoor flea market vibe.

I really get a kick out of these displays of collections!
I'll take a pink one!

This lavender chest was EYE-CATCHING!
As was this piggy bank -- it's the size of a cookie jar!
(This buffalo is how you can tell we're in Colorado.)
Lots of scales and industrial-looking stuff, which I love.
This cherub lamp made me laugh -- doesn't the little guy look distraught to be on that gaudy gold lamp?
Pretty pink paisley.
There was plenty of Easter going on in the shop.
Some of the needlepoint I saw:
this pair of needlepoints with a beach cottage scene; I don't think I've ever seen any just like them...
and this wonderful tapestry, still on its frame and unfinished.  What a lot of work!
Spring is coming -- at least in the stores if not out of doors!


Wish I had been with you! That blue gimp trim (three different shades - be still my heart!) would have come home with me for sure, along with that bingo card of blue buttons.
Kathy said…
Oh my gosh, what a great market! I adore those blue buttons and trims, of course. Thank you for bringing us along on the trip. I have done my fair share of "speed shopping"!
Kelli Davidson said…
Looks like it was a great trip! I loved the radios - I have a collection myself - I hope spring hurries because I'm tired of the cold!
Thanks for taking us along on your shopping adventure. Is there really such a thing as a "quick run through" an antique store?
Abby / Linda said…
It's been a long time since I have been in a great market like this one! Mostly here i the PNW, the home of Goodwill, we mostly have thrift shops, not vintage shops.
Pallas said…
Thanks for the antique shop trip. My hubby and I are going to one of my favorite malls on Friday. Luckily, he likes to look in all the locked display cases that hold all the really small stuff - it buys extra time for me. :>)
I really liked the turquoise colored scales
and the buttons of course,Thanks for thinking of us I enjoyed all the pictures

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