A Sunday afternoon, antiquing

I took a day to do what I love, today!  I took some photos so you could see, too.
So pretty and chippy!

My friend and I thought this looked like an outdoor market scene

A sewing stool

Where the guys usually hang out; there's a TV there, too

A Hull piece in a pattern I've never seen before
1960s Mikasa

I'm sorry I left this covered cake plate behind.
It was in such good condition!
And, the under plate was pink. glass.
I got home just in time to avoid being out in this...
the first/only hailstorm we've had this summer!
I hope you had a nice Sunday, too!
Oh...you're wondering what I brought home?  That's coming up!


Unknown said…
Disinterested shoppers - too funny! That cake plate was sooo cute! I've never seen one like that! That would have been hard for me to walk away from! I haven't been out in to shop in a while - this killed me! Glad you had a good time!
What a fun place to shop!!! Can't wait to see what you found to bring home!
Kathy said…
So glad you were able to get out for some sopping therapy and looking forward to seeing what came home with you.
Kelli Davidson said…
Love the cake plate! I also really liked the Hull Piece!
Connie said…
Where was that photo of the water taken?
JoJo said…
Great stuff! I went out to my fave antique shops in town yesterday too...my guy calls me the Junk Collector. lol
I enjoyed the shopping trip
oh that hail was to be avoided at all cost
terrible flooding in southern Missouri this week
Abby / Linda said…
The Hull piece is beautiful! I remember hail like that when I lived int he Midwest!
Unknown said…
That Hull piece was amazing!
Glad you made it home in time, that hail could of hurt :(

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