Getting Carrie'd Away

Who else, besides me, is excited about Sex and the City 2?!  Check out these inspiring, pretty things from Etsy sellers, to get you in the mood!

I can't wait until the movie opens here, to get Carrie'd Away!


Unknown said…
Hi, Lovely Treasury and Luv your blog,
Thanks So Much for including me,
Micki said…
Love all of the treasures, but that fur hat would be perfect for a cold, winter's day!
Melissa said…
Those stickers are too funny! I think I am the only person on the planet that can say this, but I have never seen an episode of Sex and the City. :)
janaemadsen said…
thanks so much for including me in this fantastic group- I love it!
Rachelle Sharp said…
I love those stickers! How fun!

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