Monday Blues...and some reds and greens, too!

(I'm linking this post to Mrs. Moen's Tablecloth Challenge, as the pillow on the far left in the this first photo is made from my favorite cutter tablecloth!)

Here's the result of my pillow madness these last few days: a lot of blues!

But, some green...and a little bit of red, too!

The "lion and the lamb" needlepoint began life as framed art that I found in a thrift store in St. Louis last summer.  I took it out of the frame, washed it, and made it into this pillow.  As a backing, I used the last of my antique green velvet:

It's a keeper!  I love the imagery, and the color which is so similar to the sage-y green on my family room walls.

The two coordinating pillows are made primarily from a hand stamped chintz - a thin fabric with a sheen, and beautiful blue tones with a deep pink hydrangea flower over all.  I had just enough of the fabric from an antique store buy years ago to make these pillows, with a bit leftover.

I covered each pillow front with this napkin, which is also stamped with a lovely motif of birds and blossoms on branches.  I sewed an antique, hand made embellishment to the middle using variegated blue floss.

I added some of my vintage blue buttons to the front...

...and to tack the napkin to the back, too.

This pillow is made from some of my absolute favorite vintage tablecloth fabric: blue daisies along the bottom, while the back of the pillow uses some of the plain white cloth from the same tablecloth.

I sewed a pretty doily on top of the pillow, then added sweet little yellow button accents.

Finally: the bright red and green pillow.  This was made from one of those calendar tea towels from 1982, and backed with coordinating red, vintage fabric.

I don't like how the last sentence of the quote got sort of lost on the bottom...

 What do you think?  Is it still sell-able?

These are destined for now all listed in my handmade Etsy shop.

 I finished it off with buttons in coordinating colors...

I have listed many more linens in my vintage Etsy shop over the weekend, too.  Here's a peek:

What creative things did you work on this past weekend?


Anonymous said…
wow, that is quite the array of creative works! i love the blues....and all of the button details...!!!

I think the 'quote' getting lost adds to the charm of that's got that country, shab look going for it!

great stuff!
ciao bella
creative carmelina
Teresa aka Tess said…
I agree with Carmelina, the almost lost quote is perfect. All of these pillows are fabulous. I couldn't pick a favorite, I live them all.
Teresa aka Tess said…
Opps, I liKe them all, well reall love them. Anyway I really like that last embrouidered black cloth. That will make a fabulous pillow.
Tess Again
Linda E. Pruitt said…
These are simply wonderful "twice restored" pillows! They provide a real choice for the buyer!
Angela said…
You have been busy! I love all the pillows, especially the Lion and the Lamb, and also the blue tablecloth pillow, with the doily on top! Gorgeous!
Jingle said…
These are so wonderful! I really love that green pillow!!!
Sherrie said…
Well done. Good job
Linda Sue said…
SWEET laurie! Are your pillows stitched shut or are they slips that can be removed? They are all wonderful!
Bunty said…
Wow, you have been a busy girl, Laurie! I love the blue and white pillow with the daisies! Good luck with them.

Thanks for your kind comments too!

Barbara :)
wow you have been very busy - i love the bird stamped cushion best it is gorgeous :o)

i've been obsessively making upcycled matryoshka doll pincushions!
I just love blue and white stuff, so I think those pillows are just perfect. I received your
box on Monday, but out internet server was down for a couple of days. I have to seay it was one of the best days I have had in the mail dept. I loved loved loved it. You were very generous and I am feeling like I did not send you enough goodies. WoW! I will email you and post it soon on Something Special. Thank you so much. Michele
I just hate it when I read my previous comments and there is typos. Oh well. Probably cause I did not get enough sleep last night. Anyway, check out www.askmichelespecialpaperprojects.blogspot.
com and look at the second post. I already did a project and used something from your swap to me. It looks good up close.
Countrygal said…
Hi there! I do like the pillows..wonderful

I love seeing what you have done with precious vintage fibers. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
I love your recycled pillow projects and how you have put different sort of items to use; very inspiring for a collector (hoarder??) of cloths. Thanks for joining in on the Table Cloth Challenge!
Sherry said…
What a beautiful assortment of cushions.
Deborah said…
They are all gorgeous!
pinksuedeshoe said…
Wow. Your stuff is WONDERFUL! I love all those pillows, particularly the Lion and the Lamb. Truly amazing, nice work!

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