Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Surprise

I was so pleased when I found this lovely gift from fellow blogging friend and Button Floozie, Barbara, in my mailbox yesterday afternoon:

It was almost too beautiful to open, along with the handmade card! That red toile tissue paper is just to die for!  And look at the lovely lady on the tag (right -- the card on the left is Barbara's calling card, which is also too sweet!)

Inside was one of Barbara's lovely collages, which traveled all the way 'across the pond' from England!

Isn't she gorgeous?

Of course, done completely by hand by the brilliant Barbara.  See those tiny, iridescent blue green beads at the bottom?  When I woke up this morning, the sunlight was shining through them and they glowed like dew on real leaves!

Right now it's hanging in the kitchen, where I put it up yesterday to photograph it.  I'm not sure where she'll end up in my home, but I know I'll have fun finding a place for her!

I will cherish this gift of friendship from a fellow-lover of buttons, lace, and vintage goodness.  Visit her blog, Vintage Bunty -- I know you'll love it, too!  Thank you so much, Barbara!


Linda Sue said...

Oh mY Laurie-Good things come to good people! and you must be the very best! How intriguing- the hanger on which the fabulous collage is clipped. Awesome in every respect!
I hope that you are Hunky dory- all's well- LOVE xxxooo

Bunty said...

You are very welcome Laurie - thanks for your kindness too! Glad you like it.

Have a great week.


Linda Pruitt said...

OMG--this is gorgeous! Truly! I'm jealous! What a wonderful friend! Great work, Barbara.

MosaicMagpie said...

Yes this is a beautiful gift, lots of work and thought in it. I love the hanger, is it old? Would love to find some.

Sherrie said...

I love your sweet gift. Personally I love getting presents in the mail any day. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your kind words about my new shop. I am inviting everyone to maine for a roadtrip. What could be better than summer in Maine with blueberries, lobster and the coast. Have a great day.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Love the colors used in this gorgeous collage piece! What a sweet friend to gift you with this treasure...you deserve it!
Have a wonderful creative day!

Pretty Things said...

Sometimes getting the mail is SUCH a joy!

Joy said...

That wall hanging collage is a beauty! Wow!!