46 Slices of Life

I pick up my linen and work on my 46 squares in the evenings, while the rest of my family is watching TV.  I find more and more as I ponder what motif to sew next, the little sampler reflects what's on my mind.

a fleur de lys

a crazy quilt square

a bit of antique crochet lace and a mother of pearl button

a kite

a frosty Margarita with lime

a key

potted flowers

In this batch of squares I can see that I've been listening to howling wind (thus, the kite), fuming over not being able to put anything out for Spring due to yet another snow storm on the way tonight (the potted flowers), and suffering over problems in our Scout Troop in defense of honor and integrity (the fleur de lys -- and the Margarita!)

So, here's how it's shaping up so far.

We had to put off our Mother's Day celebration dinner because my son got the flu; we had planned to celebrate Saturday night because my husband works on Sundays.   Instead, we'll go out this coming weekend.  Still -- I got to spend Saturday cropping my family history album, and finished 16 pages.  That night we had takeout, so I still didn't have to cook!  On Mother's Day Sunday I stayed home all day with my still sickly son, and while he rested I did some sewing:

More pillows are on the way!


Angela said…
I love the Fleur De Lis -- David just made First Class last night, after passing his swimming test! :o) Hope things in your Troop calm down soon, sometimes it gets like that.
I love all the creative little motifs. Amazing what you are coming up with.
Linda Sue said…
Love what you are doing! Your boy has been ill for a while now - a bad bug! wishing him well!
Deborah said…
Lovely sampler! I particularly like that it is in a grid.
Lisa said…
I love peeking in on the 46 squares projects you all are doing. I wish I could stitch. I think it's wonderful. I had to look thru your posts & find more of your pillows, too COOL! Lisa
PS Thanks for cluing me in on the German writing. My niece also corrected me on the date my book was published, actually 1868. I guess I shouldn't get a job as a fact checker. LOL
Christine said…
Wow, I love your sampler! It is so creative with all the off the cuff embroidery. I love to embroider but I always use a pattern. This is so beautiful!!!

Unknown said…
I will say it again, I love these squares....they are so wonderful!

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