Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pillow Talk

One of my pillows made the trip to Washington all wrapped up as a surprise for Linda Sue, who you may recall recently sent me acres of linens.  I made it from two of the pieces she sent me that I thought would look lovely together, plus some pretty black buttons:

Since then, I've only managed to finish one more:

I really love the piece of dresser scarf I used for this, with its huge appliqued yellow rose!  It's here in my Etsy shop.

I've spent the weekend in bed with less ornate pillows, sick with a brutal cold.  Cheer me up: tell me what you did this weekend!


Linda Sue said...

wonderful one- I have your little cushion up on my bloggishness- thank you so much ! You are so good at putting things together I just KNEW you would do some magic! Stop being ill or some one is going to have to send you on a sunny warm holiday...either that or a spanking...Feel well soon! My son has been ill for two days- must be better by morning to go to his classes...I blame the volcano...

Bunty said...

Sorry you are poorly Laurie - get well soon!
Lovely pillows - they are really pretty.

We went for a walk through a bluebell wood on Saturday, followed by coffee and cake at a nearby tea shop - a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning! Hope that cheered you a little. :)


Melinda Cornish said...

they both are so pretty.....what a nice thank you gift for Linda Sue.....

Bunty said...

Laurie, glad the bluebells cheered you up. The photo on my sidebar is of a bluebell wood but not the one we visited on Saturday. Aren't we lucky having more than one?

Thanks for saying you like my new header - I'm waiting to hear from Sew Somerset on it.....!