Writer's Block!

I've been experiencing writer's block of some sort when it comes to writing for my page on examiner.com; it's been hard the last couple of weeks to come up with inspiration.

The problem's not my subject matter, it's finding ways to fit the subject into their narrow specifications.  I've been practicing avoidance this week, i.e., not writing any articles.

But, today I finally came up with a fun article idea, based upon my old favorite Victoria magazine's annual blue and white issue, which is out this month.

I visited my favorite thrift store, gathered up some cute blue and white stuff, and photographed it right there in the store.  Then I featured those things in the article's slide show, along with a photo of some of my blue and white pillows.  It was fun again!  I'm planning to do at least one more article on the same theme.  You can read the story here.

I've finished two more pillows!  The colorful/pink one was made from some crazy vintage fabric and a pretty embroidered doily; I don't usually mix "eras" like that, and am very interested to hear what you think of it.  Does it work?  You can tell me the truth, I really want to know.

I made the little red, white and blue pillow from more of Linda Sue's linens.  I just love the combination of the Waverly vintage repro fabric and the doily in coordinating colors.  I made it tall and narrow, and I love the size; I'm making another one exactly like it!

Of course, I had to add a vintage button!

I've been playing with my buttons again today!  I just never get tired of the pretty little things!  I organized my red ones so I can begin to mount them on cards.  The ones in the pretty, shallow vintage rose tin are those that my friend's mother gave me when we were in Oklahoma last month.  I separated the metal ones from the non-metal ones, and washed all the latter today.

Get this (I'm so embarrassed): after writing that long article and uploading all those pictures of us in DisneyWorld, I discovered I had mistaken the Etsy Bloggers Street Team Blog Carnival topics -- and vacations wasn't one of them this time around!  So I'm not in the Carnival, but I'm glad some of you enjoyed hearing about our fun trip anyway!


Christine said…
These pillows are lovely! I like the little red, white and blue one better but it's just because it's more my sytle. I love them both!!

I just found your blog... and it's wonderful! I especially love your pillows!

Michele in Mich
Jingle said…
I really love the little red and blue pillow! That is SO cute and so well done! As for the mixed era gig...I don't think it's my thing, but the vintage fabric is FABULOUS!
Mosaic Magpie said…
The red and blue pillow is my favorite. The mixed era pillow works, I think because the two textiles both have flowers and the greens blend. It's a little off the wall but that's what makes it interesting you want to look at it longer. Maybe, I've changed my mind and that one is my favorite!
Linda Sue said…
The little cushion is my fave of course- That fabric had been with me since 1970...You did it justice to be sure! The other one - I think the doily does not work- looks misplaced in colour and design- but that's just me- I thought it was not an integral part of the otherwise cool cushion. I LOVED your Disney holiday- so much!!So glad you posted it.
Bunty said…
Your article is great - a good idea to show people how to get a certain look in their own homes. Well done!

Love your cushions but I have to say that my favourite is the taller, narrow one - it's really pretty. I love the embroidered linen at the top of it - did you do it yourself or was it already done?

Unknown said…
I like the pillows a lot....I think mixing up the textiles is what makes them so interesting........

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