Summer Has Arrived and Time For Some Thrifty Finds

I've been so very busy lately -- those last few weeks of school are always crazy.  Thursday was Ben's last day, and so it's officially Summer at my house!  And a big summer it is, with Ben's upcoming trip to Virginia to the 100th Anniversary of Scouting's Jamboree fast approaching.

I took the above photo of Ben and a fellow Scout (the only other one from our Troop who is also going to Jamboree) Tuesday when we went to pick up their Jamboree hats and patches.  As you can see, Ben got picked up, too!

I did manage to hit one estate sale last week:

Along with the usual stuff, there were lots of items from Germany, like this tiny cigarette case that is decorated leather.

Even though it was written on the inside in permanent ink, I thought it was delightful.  It says: 1) Like, 2) Common, 3) Communication.  I wondered if the previous owner had been to a business course on "how to make friends and influence people" and taken notes; or, perhaps it was sage advice on how to talk to girls?

These creepy little hedgehog dolls were popular in Germany (still are, I think); and that old gingerbread tin is just delightfully decorated -- the photo doesn't do it justice!

Here we have a book written in German, a little handpainted schnapps glass from our famous, beautiful Broadmoor Hotel, and the liquor bottles -- I'm a sucker for anything vintage that's made to look like a book, but isn't...

and these porcelain "bottles" had such a great,shiny wash, and these wonderful graphics!

I also got this cool old rolling pin with the red handles, for 50 cents...

and this cute little plastic sewing box, with wonderful detail!

But, my favorite find at the estate sale was in the garage: a stack of old sheet music:

It turns out that all of it is songs from World War I; I just love the poignant titles and the artwork on the front!

Some of it is very familiar...

Even my husband had to love them when I brought it home.

How cute is this?

And now I have a question for you all:  I found this powder jar at the thrift store.  It has a large, repaired crack in it, but I still thought she was so charming!

Does she look familiar to anyone?

She's unmarked, and has been painted on the inside -- I don't know if she came that way, or if someone added the paint.

If you've seen her before, or know who made her, I'd appreciate hearing!


sassypackrat said…
Love your finds! The sheet music and that sweet sewing box are my favorites.
Linda Sue said…
What fun! Love your finds! I went to the charity shop yesterday and carried around an armload of stuff and last minute decided to leave it all behind...didn't bring anything home! Proud of me?
The Broadmoor- we got snowed in there on a stay once a few years ago- great place to be snowed into. We were to stay there only two nights and ended up staying for a week! No complaints!
Angela said…
I love, love, love the rolling pin!
Can't wait to hear about the Jamboree! David is not going to that this year. (Is Ben just done with 6th grade, like David?)
Unknown said…
my favorite is the sewing box.....those hedgehog dolls are some kind of

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