Keep Slim!

It's been a bit since I posted my thrifty purchases:

Here, from the era when we first began to obsess about our weight!

I absolutely love these graphics!  This is a handkerchief.

This is a fingertip sized bowl; since it's Buffalo restaurant ware, it's for sauces or tiny portions of salad.  I just loved it for the color and the speckles!

And speaking of tiny, will you look at those buttons on a card?  Too, too sweet!

These weren't at a thrift store, but a garage sale.  I know it's the wrong season, but I never tire of looking at beautiful glass balls!

I was getting up to go to the library and the thrift store when the phone rang --- it was my son calling from the nurse's office at school.  So my husband's off to pick him up and I'm going to stay put and play Dr. Mom...a fitting role for the upcoming Mother's Day weekend!


That exercize handkerchief is so awesome!!! They didn't have more did they? LOL I love thrifting and finding vintage things!
Angela said…
OOOHHH! LOVE the Christmas ornaments! I don't care what season it is!!! :o)
Wow, those buttons sure are tiny!
Hope you son feels better soon!
Linda Sue said…
Hankie- frame worthy! I hope you boy gets over what ever it is- fancy being ill on a SATURDAY! Damn!
Christine said…
You don't know how jealous I am of the Christmas ornaments. I collect these and can't ever stop buying these!!!


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