Sewing Stands I Have Loved

I've been obsessing over sewing stands lately.  I have wanted something to hold my sewing projects at eye level when I'm sitting at my chair in the family room, but with a cover so I could store the thread and material and stuff out of sight.

Here's some I saw on eBay: fancy, plain, pin cushion lid, wicker.  Did you notice the prices?  Yikes!

Recently, at an antique show, we almost bought a Martha Washington sewing stand, like this:

It had a hand painted folk art design on top, with two drawers and then these two deep, hinged compartments on either side of it.  We finally decided against it, though, because it wasn't exactly what I wanted.  I wanted a smaller, simpler piece.

I think I've found it:

I found this at an antique store; it was marked "Victorian sewing stand."  I don't think it's quite that old, do you?

As you can see by peeking inside, it was once brown.  I really wish the previous owner hadn't painted it white!  I will eventually take it back to brown.

I think it's going to work out great!  It was half price, too.


Deborah said…
What a great piece! I don't think I've seen one quite like it before.
I don't know about the age, but that fabric does look really old. I kind of like the white!
Sandra said…
What a nice find. Laurie, have a wonderful and happy Mother's day my friend.

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