Hearty Greetings

I found some sweet antique cards the other day after quite a hunt -- flipping through piles of paper in a dimly-lit part of the store.  I liked how this one had a piece of soft fabric which was foil-stamped with a swallow, inserted behind the scrolled window.

AEB writes to Eleanor that he/she "can't work and don't know what to do" because of spots that "certainly are a fright."  I'm thinking measles?  Chicken pox?  Mumps?  Poor AEB.

This is a lovely stitched rose on a card, compliments of Tibbles Sewing Machine Co.  I wonder how it was used?  Maybe you soaked away the paper and were left with the embroidery to sew onto a crazy quilt.

This one, despite its colorful Spring-like flowers, is a Christmas card!  I could not resist the embossed cut outs -- swoon!

Thank you for the well wishes; my son has strep throat and is now armed with the appropriate antibiotics, so I'm confident he will be better soon.  Of course, this morning I awoke with a sore throat, too -- gah!


barb cabot said…
I can just imagine your joy of discovery as you found wonderful treasures. Enjoy this day sweet friend.
Christine said…
I bet you had so much fun going through those cards. In my organization I've been doing around the house I've come across some cards that my Grandma sent to me. I think in her older years, she found several boxes of old cards because she gave me some beautiful cards from the 40s and 50s. Not as old as these, but precious none the less!

Micki said…
I love the cards...so pretty!

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