May Day and Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day to all my friends!

I hope your child/ren, spouses and/or friends make you feel very special today!
I wanted to show you what I received from Michele in the May Day swap we did:

Her package came in this cute little cottage...

My favorites:

The old stock foil pieces from Germany (swoon) -- the silhouette above and the stars below.

Buttons, and the plain bottlecap to decorate!

The bird medallion, velvet rick rack, and the cute little iron piece!

The embossed copper fleur de lys, and the ribbon rose sewn onto a doily!

Swaps are very fun!

So, tell me in the comments: what did you do for Mother's Day?


This looks like inspiring fun...the kind of thing that gives me all kinds of new ideas for collage!

I'm totally enjoying the Scrabble game even though you are beating me mercilessly. LOL! Thanks so much for suggesting it...a great way to keep in touch and it's really helping me through my healing!

Happy Mothers Day, dear Laurie!
Unknown said…
Happy Mothers day Laurie! I love the goodies you received........
Linda Sue said…
Mom Day to you!Now, get back int the kitchen and make some cookies and knit a sweater...
My mother passed away, but I was lucky enough to have my wonderful Mother in law here from Arizona for Mother's Day. I cooked a simple dinner, but set the table lovely, and made grasshopper pie for dessert. No it is not gross, it is mint and chocolate no bake.
I had a phone call from all of my 7 married children telling me how much they love me, and my husband got me a new lamp, a new shirt, and a new pair of shoes, and a new curling Iron. At church, they handed out hand dipped chocolates to every one. tomorrow I start a new diet of course. (It is Monday) Thanks for the great post about what I sent to you. I love the way you photograph everything. Thanks again for the great swap.
That cottage is a clever way to pack!
Christine said…
Wow, this is great Laurie! You received some wonderful things for May Day!!! That's such a forgotten holiday.


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