Thrifty FABRIC Finds

Even though you know me as an avid antique button, paper, and china collector, my all-time favorite and most consuming passion is vintage and antique textiles. This includes lace, ribbon, crochet, and even thread. I'll never get tired of old embroidered runners - they remind me of my grandmother, and how we sat together on her sofa while she patiently taught me the skill, and watched as I sewed on stamped tea towels.

I almost never buy plain white ones anymore, but these I chose for their bright red edges, and colorful thread used consistently in the design.

This crochet piece is more than a yard long!

And I found this green crocheted leaf so interesting!

Again, with crochet also I tend not to buy it unless it's colorful or unusual, like the way they worked pink into this one

And I liked the combination of designs, particularly the ruffled edge, of this light green one -- plus the size!

I got a little carried away with monograms one day...I don't even know anyone named Sally... so these will go in the shop

I don't often buy plain white linens anymore, as I mentioned above, because I have so many, but these monograms were just so lovely and well done!

And, if I see lovely intact lacy crocheted edging like the above, I will sometimes break my "no white" rule!

This large stamped yellow rose tablecloth in pristine condition was the most expensive item among these photos, at $3.99.

It's getting close to Christmas, and who can resist these vintage poinsettias?

I might have passed up this colorful block tablecloth...

...until I noticed the label

Finally: I've been getting into these graphic vintage pieces lately, like the pig above on a dish towel

...and this fun fabric!

But the fabric on this pillow cover, which has a zipper and is quilted, is just the era and the kind of design that makes my heart go pitter-patter these days! Look at that color!

Most of these will go into my shop as soon as I have time; if you see something you can't live without please email me and I'll speed up my process for you!


Melissa said…
Really cool finds! I love the green crocheted leaf and the pretty crocheted edging. That is something I'd like to learn to do, someday. :)
Angela said…
Lovely finds! I would have a hard time passing up those crocheted doilies as well! :o)
Sherri said…
I'm just green with envy! I can't seem to find a tablecloth ONE at my junk/thrift or yardsales. I don't even OWN one. So I've been on the hunt. LOVING everything you found!
Christine said…
I don't think you and I could go trift storing togeher. We'd fight aver everything! I especially like the crochet pieces.


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