Thrifty Finds, Anyone?

It's been a while since I've posted any of my thrifty finds, so I thought I'd kick off October by doing just that!

Today I was at the thrift store and stumbled upon these beauties:

Gorgeous old ring boxes (swoon!)

Velvety insides...

I thought they were a steal at $1.99 each! Of course, they could end up costing a bundle if I begin to hint to my husband that they need something shiny and sparkly to keep inside them...!

I couldn't pass up these lovely tins -- the bunny one is flat and reminded me of the old watercolor paint tins we used to have when we were kids. I loved the patina on the peachy floral one, and the way it opens up like a treasure chest!
I have been looking for another large cloche and lucked out today -- this one had a "Toscana" label on it.

This little sugarbowl with the orange leaf design just had to come home with me!

And, I found these a few weeks ago: the wicker shelf is just sweet. (I don't know where I'm going to put it, so I should've passed it up.) And the wheelbarrow trivet is one of those things that just screamed "Autumn" to me, with its wheat sheaves and brown calico background!

Speaking of Autumn, I've done some decorating, and here a couple of vignettes:

The clock above is an antique that we bought on vacation in Sedona, AZ when we saw an estate sale and decided to run in. My husband loves it, and it has become a great, non-traditional souvenir from the trip! The little wooden basket is one of the items I mosaic'd with broken china; it holds a candle in glass in it. I added one of my favorite photos of a trip with Ben when he was 3 to a pumpkin patch, and a tiny wreath that I made years ago and have never had the heart to toss!

This triple-leafed plate was a gift for my birthday from my neighbor. Rather than set it on a table, I got the urge to stand it up on a pretty plate holder!

Tomorrow: more thrifty finds and decor!


absolutely gorgeous finds! I love the ring boxes! I have never seen any of these before, or maybe I didn't know what they were.:) It's so much fun to find things you love and admire; it makes my heart skip a beat or two.
Christine said…
You always find some great things. I just can't get out to do much thrifting lately but I did have fun in Utah!!!

Sherri said…
The ring boxes are SO unique! Love them!!! And I heart your new cloche too. Great finds.
Jingle said…
These are wonderful finds! I really love the yellowish ring box and that fabulous bunny/mushroom tin!
Unknown said…
I love your blog really fits you! I love all of your finds and my advice about the ring boxes is it doesnt hurt to ask....fill em up girl...
Those ring boxes are so pretty. Why don't they make them like that anymore?

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