Antique-ing in Colby, KS and OKC

As promised, here are some of my finds while antiquing on our long Fall weekend:

Someone was selling their button collection at a shop in Colby, Kansas. I can usually resist, because I have so many buttons of my own, but as you can see, I didn't resist this time!

Aren't they just so much fun?

In the same shop, I found this lovely blue tin and a pile of fabric scraps that has been color-coordinated -- what a great way to pass along your quilting leftovers!

I especially loved this fabric -- look closely at the print and you'll see it's an old armchair with the springs popping out of it!

The inside of the tin held a treat, too:

My favorites were these needle cases:

I also grabbed this sweet fabric with 3 panels of kitten prints:

Once in OKC, Jenni took us to her local antique store and I found...

...this pile of old embroidered linens, which included a set of 7 old stamped, but not yet worked, four sack dish towels! I guess they'll be my next project!

Also, unbelievably, this whole Marie-blue dresser set...

...including the lovely glass powder jar and the coordinating under-mirror. Unbelievable because the entire set was just $5!

Stay tuned for the last antiquing stop we made, in old town Purcell, OK!


Oh, what treasures! *clapping excitedly* I love those buttons. How fun for you to look at each one. That tin is a beauty too. Good for you. I enjoy antiquing, too, and got a bit in the last couple of weeks with my company here. Good for you! Thanks for sharing. ; )
Sherri said…
So wish I was along for the adventure! Love the needle cases and the linens.
Linda Sue said…
WHOA! major score! Dieing over the buttons! Who could ever resist! AND who knew that OKC would be a cool place? I just think of winds sweeping down the plains...

verification word is "eymelow" which your post has most certainly been!
Charlene said…
I've spent the night in Colby KS twice on cross-country trips--its the prettiest little oasis of a town in the middle of the sweeping plains. Love the buttons, really really love the dresser set! What a find, and even more so at that price!
That quite a score Laurie! The buttons are my favorite. They look amazing all gathered together like that.
Sandra said…
Oh Laurie, you are having a great time, and what great treasures you are finding. I just love the buttons. What fun you will have with them, and that dresser set, now that was a great buy!! Enjoy every minute of your trip my friend.
Laurie! I'm just getting around to visiting again after working pretty much all week on my recipe blog! Oh my! I love the buttons and that blue tin and blue quilt scraps are to die for! What fun you had at the antique shop! My husband laughs at me because I ALWAYS find something wonderful no matter where we go!

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