My Snowy Camping Weekend

This weekend I went away with my son's Scout troop for a weekend campout in the forest just 10 minutes from my house.

The camping trip was from Friday night until late Sunday morning; I lasted just one night and one day. In my defense, it's because my "0 degree" sleeping bag didn't live up to its claims. (And because the latrine was a snowy walk to the outskirts of camp and after doing that at 4 a.m. in 20 degrees, I was not eager to ever do it again.)

The first morning I was part of a team that taught the newest Scouts some camp cooking skills. My group did banana boats, cooked in hobo sacks over coals. They were delicious!

I left Saturday afternoon and came home, then spent the evening feeling guilty about being in a warm bed while my little one and all the rest were out at the campsite. I went back to the camp this morning, and it was snowing! The snow actually made it a bit warmer, though than it had been the day before -- about 33 degrees. We were so happy to get home!

This is what my house is always like on a Sunday after a Scout weekend: tent airing/drying out, washing machine humming, full of dirty clothes that smell smoky like a campfire, and my son freshly showered and sprawled out on the sofa -- enjoying warmth, and the near vicinity of the kitchen.

I haven't had much time for creating lately, but I did manage while on vacation in OK to begin sewing a crazy quilt Christmas stocking. I decided to use non-traditional Christmas colors but will put on some embellishments that are holiday themed.

I have only just begun to do the fancy stitching, and I'm hoping to spend some restful time today doing more!

I hope your weekend was cozy and restful!


Angela said…
Looks like the way David will be camping here soon! You are a WAY better mom than me, I am not a camping girl! :o)
The Christmas stocking is lovely!
Pretty Things said…
My husband used to regularly camp in the winter in the mountains of Korea. I think he was insane. Ice, sub-zero? (Shakes head).

Not this girl.
Sherri said…
I've been tent camping in Feb in GA. But SNOW?! I don't think so! LOL Can't wait to see the finished stocking.
Micki said…
Joe and I went tent camping all over Ireland the first time that I came here. It was such fun!
I admire you for lasting one night under those conditions. If God had meant people to go to the bathroom in the woods, he wouldn't have made flushing toilets. :-)
Unknown said…
arent you glad you were only a short distance away!!!!!!! the bathroom thing wouldve done me in....haha....thanks for your congratulations, by the way! I am really happy about being engaged.....
Yikes! Camping in the snow. You are a SAINT!

Love the crazy quilt Christmas stocking! I have always loved the look of crazy quilting and, years ago, made a couple of pieces! Great!

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