Journaling Holy Cards

Today we're on the road, traveling to visit our friends who moved to Oklahoma! We really enjoy our road trips, and we're all so excited to see our buddies again. Of course, there will be antiquing involved, as well as good eating and lots of laughs. It's the perfect mini vacation as far as I'm concerned!

I prepared some posts ahead of time so you wouldn't miss me too much while I was away. (Wink!) So, be sure to check back all week!

I've started a new project creating a small album to hold some holy cards that I found among my mother's papers. She'd collected them over the last 35 years or so whenever she attended a funeral. I think the pictures on the front of most of them are lovely, and I wanted to somehow keep them together, the way my mother would have wanted.

This is the page that holds one of my paternal grandmother's holy cards. I've incorporated antique lace, seam binding, millinery, and a bit of an old paper book. The paper in the background is by Anna Griffin; I just love her stuff.

The lace lays nice and flat, but if you pull it up like a flap, I've inserted a tag with her name and date of death on it.
On the opposite page, I've made a collage inspired by my grandmother.

She was born and raised in Malaga, Spain, so I've set a label with that name over an antique map; I added the elements of a piece of a Rx pad, a flash card for the Spanish verb, "to return" and the clock pieces. I finished it up with lace and seam binding. The red accents make it match the other page.

Here's the third and last page I've worked on so far. These are two more holy cards from the set my aunt had made for my grandmother. I worked on this page a bit, and then I got stuck on what to do next. If you have any ideas, let me know!


Laurie! This is such a wonderful idea and the project is just beautiful. It's just how your mother would have loved it...mine would too!

And you're on your way! Have a fabulous trip! I'll look forward to hearing all about it when you return!
That is SUCH a great idea and well-executed Laurie!
Mary said…
So beautiful! I know it's very personal - do you think you'll be showing more?
Linda Sue said…
Well done, Laurie- jesus is a tough guy to work into things- I have never really liked the way he bleeds all over the place and looks so out of sorts all the time (I was not raised a Christian so the symbolism is lost on me) You managed to incorporate jesus into sweet collages- very nicely done.
Micki said…
That is such a lovely project and a great idea!
Lydia said…
This is so nice. Maybe a holy card looking up or down at another picture of her? ...or her iin heaven???

I think you should submit this to Somerset Studio, or one of their sister publications!!!

My son has saved these funeral cards for years. The idea is to keep things respectful and reverent, and , wow, did you accomplish that! Show others this idea in a publication format- other than those that defile the 'iconatry' involved.

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