Memories of Warmer Days

We've been stuck at home this weekend due to temps in the teens and 20's and a slick layer of ice over everything! There was a 60 car pileup that closed down our major highway yesterday, so today the DOT asked us all to STAY HOME unless we had to go somewhere!

This was all supposed to burn off around noon, but it's 4 p.m. and I don't think the mercury has budged. It was the same story yesterday.

What a way to begin Ben's Fall Break! As in, what happened to Fall? All that beautiful color on the trees is covered with a white, crunchy sheen.

Let's think about something warm. I'm a few weeks late, but wanted to show you photos of when my friend and neighbor Cathy and I went to the Folk Arts festival at Rock Ledge Ranch. Basically, it's a once-a-year craft fair that takes place on a historical farm, right next door to Garden of the Gods National Park.

It was a beautiful September day!

In the little house above, they were having a quilt show and silent auction.

This is one of the manor homes on the property -- probably where the original ranch owners lived.
These garden stakes were the absolute hit of the fair; every third person you saw walking around was carrying one. They're flowers, made from silver spoons. Well, probably silverplate spoons. I wanted one, but they were a bit out of my price range.

Here's Cathy posing next to our favorite floral booth, in one of the 3 tents at the fair.

There was definitely a garden feeling at the fair...

...what I wanted most of all was one of these little bird houses on a stake!

My second choice was that rusty stake that holds your pumpkin, or a flowerpot, up high off the ground ('not sure if you can see it, in the middle of the photo, above.)

But, thinking ahead, I ended up buying this set of faux wooden skis, decorated for Christmas, personalized with our name. This is the artist doing the personalization for me.

A friendly jeweler let me photograph this: look closely and you'll see a grasshopper who found the earrings a perfect place to nap in the shade!

It's hard to believe that was just 3 weeks ago...BRR!


Sherri said…
Beautiful photos! I can't believe some of my friends out west have had SNOW! We are still warm here in Georgia with TONS of rain coming in again this week.
Spotted Sparrow said…
I was about to say that I can't believe it's so cold there already, but then I remembered a cross-country trip we took a few years ago. It was snowing in Colorado and June! Stay safe and warm.
Angela said…
Bbbrrr! I am sure those temps/weather are coming that way soon to us in Illinois, too.
Our local fall festival was just 2 weeks ago and we had weather like you show in the pics. But the last two weeks have been dreary and rainy and chilly! I am not ready for winter!
Charlene said…
I lived in Colorado Springs for awhile a few years ago. That first picture, especially, reminds me of it--the perfect meeting place of mountains and plains and sky. Makes me want to move back!
Linda Sue said…
oh dear, way too early! We have had very chilly days this week also, usually that does not happen until after halloween.
Lydia said…
Great weather you had for the show/fair! Looks like a lovely event:)

Those spoon flower garden stakes look pretty interesting.

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