Quaint Antiquing in Purcell, Oklahoma

On the day of the OU-Texas rivalry football game, we dressed in their colors, Jenni put in her earphones to listen to the game, and we went off antiquing.

We began our day with breakfast at Jimmy's Egg, an OKC staple! I had pigs in blankets, made with the most delicious pork sausage!

Then we went on to Purcell.

At our first stop, they were having an amazing 75% off sale in about 2/3 of the store -- I couldn't believe the bargains. I could have spent ALOT of money there, but since it was the first stop I bought just a few goodies:

I'm going to have such fun with these little stamps!

Next, we went to a store that had the most amazing booths FULL of owls:
If they had been penquins, I'd have been in trouble for sure! There, I bought some authentic old can labels and a few of those cork lined bottle caps (I love those!)

Then we stopped at a store that used to be the town's movie theater:

Jenni could take out her earphones there, because they had the game on the store's radio. In fact, when Dennis and I were sitting up front resting while the others looked around, one of the store workers asked us a question about what had just happened in the game while he had been helping someone. We sheepishly looked at each other and then back at him, only to say we hadn't been paying attention. I'm kind of surprised he didn't throw us out! They take their football v-e-r-y seriously in OKC! We were a disgrace to the red we were wearing, alas!

The highlight of the trip to Purcell was the Hotel Love.
It was any antique lover's dream, I tell you: a historic hotel that had been converted into a shop, with antiques in the first floor lobby and then, upstairs, in each of the hotel's rooms.

The thing that made it so fun, though, was that in each room there was a theme to the ephemera and antiques: a kitchen room, sewing room, patriotic room, student and school room, lace room, purple room, pink room, blue room...you get the idea. I was in heaven!

I bought some tatting and these amazing jet beads with rose quartz accent earrings...

a pile of letters from the 40's, a silk bookmark, a booklet on "home demonstration unit program" - very interesting! - and this amazing black beaded decoration for $2!

I also got this newspaper/magazine, because it was dated October 1927, the year of my dad's birth, and I'd been thinking about him a lot lately.

Here are some fun pictures for you to enjoy from it:

Then, this great old fabric reminded me of the drama we'd had that week back in my home state of Colorado, with "balloon boy"; here, a much more demure balloon ride:

Have I mentioned that while Jenni's oldest son and I are antique freaks, the rest of our families just go along with us? Now, isn't that love? Luckily, while I was immersed in the wonder that was Hotel Love, the boys could amuse themselves with this train and a soda in the warm sunshine!
(Sorry for all the space between the photos; this is because some of them were taken with my cell phone and I can't manipulate them as easily as I can those from my camera.)

I hope you've enjoyed the trip to Purcell!


barb cabot said…
Oh my what fun! Looks like a wonderful trip for everyone! Pigs in a blanket..oh yeah!
Great photostory Laurie! I am salivating over those stamps. ;o)
Summer Gypsy said…
What a great day AND a great story!!! Your day was just PERFECT!!! I forwarded the pic to Lisa. Thanks for thinking about sending it to her!
Have a great day, Laurie!

Unknown said…
I love it all!!!!
Love the newspaper pictures and a 1927 collie too! You know how I love my shelties and collies! What great finds! And so much fun for all of you!

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