Thank Goodness for the Postman

It was not a banner week for me. I got sick on Monday and worried I might have caught the swine flu my son had last week, which turned into pneumonia. Well, I guess I had a bad URI but it wasn't the swine flu, and I spent Wednesday and yesterday in bed. Today I feel better. So does Ben.

Here he is ready for school this morning.

The reason he's so bundled up.

Staying in bed all day sometimes sounds good, doesn't it? Well, as many of you know, it's not fun when you're not feeling well. The only thing that cheered me up was good mail!

First, I got this very sweet and generous gift for entering Sherrie's blog giveaway on her blog Sherrie's Rose Garden! She was so excited to find Crafts Etc., Hobby Lobby's online store, and celebrated by giving away gift cards!

I am very touched by Sherrie's generosity and splurging on some Hobby Lobby decor will be such a treat! Thank you, Sherrie!

On another day, this little package came:

If you are an Etsy seller, you may already know about Moo. They're a great printing company that partners with Etsy and provides some high quality products for your business -- or for pleasure! Etsy even has them listed under their Resources Tab, complete with links to ideas for using their products. Often, Moo will offer discounts; alas, I didn't hit a sale for what I wanted, but I still thought it was worth $19.99 for this:

Mini Moos. Here's how I had them made: I uploaded 64 different images of my Etsy products, both vintage and crafts, to the site. Uploading was super fast and easy. Then, I went through and cropped them to fit Moo's format, which was fun because I could choose just a little slice of what I thought was beautiful about each item. It was hard for me not to take a photo of all of them to show you -- but, you get the idea!

I could have uploaded up to 100 photos, and indeed I did more than 64, but their robot tells you whether or not your photo quality will be good enough for a nice card, so I had to delete some for quality reasons.

On the reverse, there was plenty of room for all my contact information.

Some tips if you're going to use Moo: It was my experience that it was sort of difficult to tweak the photo size to make it perfect; their robot tells you when you begin which size image works best, so I made a copy of all that I wanted to use and then resized those copies to their exact specs. Still, when I uploaded, the robot told me I could have made them bigger or they might come out blurry. So that was confusing. But I left them at the spec size and I think they turned out just fine.

Also, you might want to spend some time choosing the photos and putting them in a particular order if you're going to upload less than 100 images. If you do 4 images, you get 25 of each, 10, 10 of each, etc. I did 64, and so they printed 1 of each of the first 64, then started over and gave me a 2nd one of the next 36. If I'd known that, I might have uploaded my favorites first so I got more of those. 'Just sayin'.

I lourve my mini moo cards! They are tiny business cards and little thank you enclosures for my orders!


Micki said…
I am glad that it wasn't the swine flu and that you rested in bed and are feeling better.
barb cabot said…
Laurie I hope you're feeling better today and so happy your son is okay. He looks so cute and so wintry. Take care. Love all your gifts...they'll make you happy.
That outdoor picture makes me want to get under some covers!
Sherri said…
Snow already?!?! Good grief! Glad you and your son are feeling better. Your moo cards are FANTASTIC!
maryboys said…
the moo cards are fabulous, fun! and oh my. i'm aghast that your son had h1n1 and then got pneumonia?!? thank goodness he is long was he ill? i'm interested to know the details...and mostly just thankful for all of you that he kicked it!

Pretty Things said…
The art on the Moo cards is lovely!

Feel better soon!
Lydia said…
These are so very COOL!!!

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