More Thrifty Finds, and a Button Alert!

As promised, more thrifty fun:

Now, this is not something I would normally buy, but I just fell in love with the way the wood was so worn!

Of course, as soon as both husband and son saw it, they wanted to claim it. I'm sure they were thinking, "She finally brought home something useful!"

Likewise, I loved the shape, texture and patina on this little tray.

And I couldn't pass up this little box, called "Trading Stamp Holder" -- what a blast from the past! I remember my mother saving those stamps, but, oddly, I don't ever recall her buying anything with them! The top was for the books and larger sheets of stamps, and the slotted box is for the singles and twosies you'd get for smaller purchases.

Look at how the cute little compartment opens to get out the stamps!

Being the textile lover than I am, I enjoyed these sweet framed linen towels; they are backed with heavy corkboard, hang from velvet ribbons, and were made in Canada. These are going in my shop.

This is an amazing cheese server with the label intact on top; it says that Corning made the glass for Leipzig & Lippe, Inc. The glass is so thin and has the most amazing feel!

Instead of cheese, I'm using it as a cloche to display a bird nest.

Here it is in our downstairs powder room, alongside Viola's work of art.

Some big, beautiful buttons, on sale now in my shop.

Alert: Button lovers, you should go take a look at this wonderful blog post at Backyard Neighbor! I am dreaming to have the kind of time it takes to make art with my own button collection!


Spotted Sparrow said…
I'm dying over the caster (is that what you call the wheel thingey) and cheese server! The server looks so perfect with the nest inside.
Sherri said…
The cheese server is REALLY NEAT! I love it. And that tray, Yummy! I went to a huge city yard sale this morning and now I'm heading to Hobby Lobby for spray paint. Found several SUPER cute items. Can't wait to share them made over!
The greens in those framed towels are beautiful. Really vibrant and alive. And I love that little nest under glass!
Viola said…
Wonderful finds, Laurie! The nest looks so lovely in the server! And I love your frame!! Wunderschön! ;o)))

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