Blessed Right Down to My Toes

Michele of Something Special asked me to do a May Day swap with her, and so I gathered up some vintage fun and sent it her way; wanna see?

I started with this sweet vintage tin with a photo of Spring Flowers by Currier and Ives -- isn't it delicious?  I love tins like this!

Inside went some doilies, a sweet little sugar and creamer on a tray, an old but new package of grosgrain ribbon, buttons on a card, hooks, and a little tag I made with pink seam binding.

I also put in Scrabble tiles that spelled out her name, a tiny plate, mother of pearl buttons in different sizes, a very pretty lace embellishment, and a packet of doo dads, including a black belt buckle and a needlepoint-covered button... a bit of paper ephemera and some vintage millinery!

It wasn't the most inspired wrapping, but I did include one of my new business cards (the green one on top) that I recently made, along with a tag made from an old one.

I think she really liked it!  I'm looking forward to getting her package any day now.

Then, the other day, I was sweetly surprised by Angela Catirina - she's one of my blogging and Facebook friends.  (See her amazing knitting and crocheting patterns in her shop here.)  Angela read on FB that I had been feeling kooky and had my toenails painted lime green when I had a pedicure.  She asked for my address and a few days later, this arrived in my mailbox:

 Toe rings!  Made by Angela!  Enough for four feet, I think!  With the cutest card, sent in a lime green envelope!  Her generosity is only surpassed by her joie de vivre!  Take a look:

I promise you, only Angela could make me post a photo of my foot on my blog.  (She may not realize it, but that is a compliment.)

Yes, I am blessed right down to my toes.  And I'm racking the other end (my brain) to figure out what I can send her in return -- what could be Angela Catirina-worthy?  I will come up with something perfect!

Oh my, if I could knit, I would SO make this!


Bunty said…
What a beautiful swap gift Laurie - no wonder that Michele loved it - who wouldn't?!

It's so nice when extra little gifts come your way, especially out of the blue. I have a little something I am finishing off which has your name on it! I will let you know when to start stalking the postman!

Have a great day.

Barbara :)
Linda Sue said…
She's a lucky one! And your toes are very happy- LOVE love the green! Perfect spring colour. Toe rings would drive me crazier...I can't stand pedicures- My feet feel neglected but they still do their job.
Angela said…
LOVE the toe rings!
What a treasure of gifts you sent to Michele!
Angela Catirina said…
OMG Laurie! You crack me up! I can't believe you had something of me to post on your blog. Your toes are just ADORABLE! I hope you get lots of sunny weather to wear every one of them out this summer.

I am so happy to count you as a friend :0) You always make me smile.

Angela Catirina

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