46 Squares, Continued

A few more squares completed:

I took the kite all the way down the squares, and put my little family of three at the bottom, holding it.  This is a memory of being at the park in CA with Ben, when he was about 3 years old.

Our Snoopy

Rose vines

Sun shining, and a wheelbarrow full of weeds!

Progress so far -- I'm about half-finished!


Spotted Sparrow said…
Laurie, this is looking so fabulous. I LOVE the kite squares.
Mami Made It said…
This is so beautiful and charming! Stunning! Love to see the result!
Angela said…
I enjoy watching your progress on this! The kite is great, leading to your family! :o)
Unknown said…
I love the family square....this project of yours makes me want to do this....crazy cuz I cant handsew worth a darn....

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