A Classy Class

I'm excited that I've signed up for Artist Class! It's an online class that begins October 25 and you just have to go look at the website to see some of the projects and the caliber of artists who will be teaching it.

If you follow the links for some of the teaching artists to their blogs, you can get a discount code and save on the registration fee!

Even though I'll be away on a camping weekend with the Boy Scouts when the class starts on October 25 (which is, like, the polar opposite of participating in this graceful class...), I'm looking forward to logging on and beginning it when I get back. The blog with all the class info stays "up" until January so, theoretically, I should have plenty of time!

I hope some of you will join the class, too! If you do, let me know!


Micki said…
It looks like a wonderful class! Have fun with it!
Mary said…
Thanks for this sweet post! We're going to have so much fun!
Pretty Things said…
How fun! I hope you share what you do!

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