Where I Create

I always envy those bloggers who post photos of their studios. My "studio" aka the office is never really, uh, presentable enough to photograph.

There's no excuse: I have plenty of cubbies, drawers, and shelves, but somehow the room just wants to be storage instead of an actual work space.

I think it must be me. I think I just prefer to be out in the dining room, or in the living room, amongst my family when I'm creating. I don't mind the interruptions.

I do love my office, cluttered and in disarray as it always seems to be!

We designed the room a few years ago as part of a big splurge from The Container Store!

How do you like my painted wall? I wanted something to keep me awake when I'm writing!

This window is the only room in the house that looks out over Pikes Peak. (We used to have the mountain view from the living room, until our neighbors decided to build a garage the size of an airplane hangar, so now we get to look at that, instead.) One day, soon, when I'm in the throes of writing a novel, I'll be inspired by the purple mountain's majesty.

Piles of fabric, my "inspiration board" and sewing notions in the corner

Some linens waiting to be sorted, and a box where I'm collecting ephemera

Inspiration wall

Further inspiration: my "winner" certificates from National Novel Writing Month; I'm thinking of participating again, this year, after a two or so year hiatus. I'm the kind of a person who hangs these things up. I took my diploma to be framed on our first day back from Indiana this past May!

So, there you have it: my workspace. It'll never make into Blogger magazine or anything, but it's all mine and I love it.

In other news: I just listed my first Christmas item in my Etsy shop today:

It's that Christmas crazy quilt pillow I'd mentioned I've been sewing (in the living room, mostly!)

It's for sale here in my handmade Etsy shop, Twice Shy Restored.


Spotted Sparrow said…
As long as there is somewhere you can work, that's your studio. I always have some stuff lying around because it helps inspire me, but I'm getting better at organizing.
I enjoyed seeing your photos and the Christmas pillow is so charming!
Laurie, I think your creative space is just wonderful! In fact, I feel inspired to move a few things around here just to update (I do more moving than creating lately but I love that process too)! Wow! I'm impressed with your winning certificates! That is awesome! Great space...thanks for sharing the details. (Oh, your painted wall is terrific!)
barb cabot said…
Love seeing your creative environment where you make magic. Wonderful Laurie.
Pretty Things said…
Very nice! And the only time I have ever been able to share photos of where I create has been when they have JUST been finished! Once they've been built and decorated, they immediately look as if they've been worked at for years!
Christine said…
I love your workspace. Pikes Peak in the distance is the perfect source of inspiration!

storybeader said…
I understand about wanting to be out with the family in the living room. My office and workspace IS the living room.

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