Sharon's Pillow

You may recall my mentioning at the end of the summer about my friend Sharon's mother passing away in Colorado Springs and how I helped her sister do a garage sale from the estate; also, how I just couldn't help rescuing her mother's square dancing pins from the sale pile. I mean, really, how could they part with this?:

Well, for the last couple of days I've been working on this:

It's a pillow, and I've attached one of the pins to the front of it. The rest of the front consists of a huge blue ruffle that was once a part of Sharon's mom's square dancing outfits, as well as pieces of my own fabric that I arranged crazy quilt style. I had purchased the precious square dancing couples print earlier in the summer, and was happy to have a project to use it on!

The reverse is a square from one of the mom's vintage tablecloths that had several permanent stains, so I didn't feel bad cutting it up. The blue of the tablecloth matched the square dancing dress (which was also intended for sale!) so beautifully.

I'm planning to make three more pillows, for Sharon's siblings. The rest will be necessarily plainer than Sharon's -- probably simply the ruffle, the square dancing print, and the tablecloth print on the front and back. And of course one of the fancy pins attached to each!

They'll be sort of gaudy and busy -- but then that's characteristic of square dancing anyway, isn't it?


Angela said…
What a lovely keepsake this pillow is! Fantastic job!
Linda Sue said…
Laurie that is awesome! I love the playfulness and the sentiment- sharon will be delighted as would anyone! Well done, you.
What a cute pillow! I'm sure your friend and her siblings will appreciate having this special reminder of their mom!

Charlene said…
Love that keepsake pillow--I've been pulling out and looking at my grandmother's quilts, it makes me want to start doing some "piecing" myself!

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