My Refrigerator

I strive for a clean, streamlined look for my refrigerator.

But somehow, it still ends up looking like the rest of the house!

I call that whiteboard with the weekly calendar on the side of it "my brain." I literally would not be able to remember a thing if I didn't write it up there. Notice that I had to write in Project Runway this week -- that's because last week I forgot it was on! And it's my favorite show! The only one I watch!

There are some cute little boys on my fridge:

This is Harbert. Isn't he handsome? He's 7 years old and lives in Peru. He is the child we support through Compassion. It's been a wonderful experience; we write to him and he and his tutor are faithful to write back! I'd say we exchange about six letters each year, and we've been doing this since he was 3 years old.

And, of course, this little guy is mine, when he was about 14 months old. Look at that little tummy! Don't you want to tickle him? I love pictures like that.

The other stuff we have clipped to the fridge are the things we're always losing: the Sky Sox baseball team schedule (which did no good as we didn't go to one. single. game. this summer. How did that happen?!) And, the form that explains how to clean Ben's trumpet that we rent so he can play in the school band.

Also up there are two thank you cards that we received from our twin nephews for their graduation gifts. They were without a doubt the nicest thank you cards I've ever received!

Visit Leigh Ann at her blog, Freckled Nest, for more fridge pictures!


Leigh-Ann said…
nice fridge Laurie :) I have a 'brain' list like that too :) hugs! LA
Pretty Things said…
You know, I'm planning on writing an article about this very thing, how I am so OCD but my refrigerator is completely a random run-amok mess. But I love it and it keeps getting more run-amok!

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