Cutting In

As you may have guessed, I've been doing some work for my old employer again this week; it only amounted to about 15 hours, but that, and the Monday holiday, really impacted my schedule.

Now that school is really underway, there are all kinds of activities, things to volunteer for, etc. I'm not lazy, but I'm also not the type to over commit myself. I've learned that lesson well!

Still, the few extra things I've taken on make me feel rather harried so I'm looking for ways to scale back, sleep less, or find a miracle energy boost!

This working thing is really cutting in on my leisure time to read all your blogs. Funny how that works. And, it just might be permanent, or semi-permanent anyway, as I'm looking for some writing or editing gigs, too. Time to put that degree to work!

I have had little time for crafting lately, but am working on a Halloween-y little journal to sell (this is not like me! But I just got inspired!)

I also made some more of those sewing pattern flowers, and created these tags:

Another project is a crazy quilt pillow from Christmas fabrics using lots of red and green. I'm looking forward to finishing that one!

Don't forget that tomorrow is the day to post about your Word of the Week! See my post below to sign up if you haven't already. I'll also be choosing someone to host the one for September 18 -- so let me know if you're interested!


Christine said…
I'm sure that things will settle down when you get used to the new schedule and you'll be doing more crafting!

I would volunteer for next week but I will be out of town. I'm still hoping to be able to participate though!

barb cabot said…
You amaze me with all that you do. Being able to utilize your writing talents will be a great gift to the world. I'm sure the opportunities will make themselves available to you. Good luck.
Pretty Things said…
I LOVE those tags!!!!

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