Word of the Week: Begin

by Tracy Helgeson

If you would like to participate by writing about and/or illustrating "begin" on your blog this Friday, September 11, please comment on this post. I will link to all participating blogs on Friday!


Veja cecilia said…
I will join you in the weekword game! begin is a very nice word. i just love that klimt painting.)
Linda Sue said…
My comment did not go through I guess well here I am again saying yes please include me in the word "begin"!
Anairam said…
Great word! I would love to participate, Laurie.
I will be in as well! Nice word! x Sandra x
Esti said…
Count me in, please!
Christine said…
I wouldlove to particpate! Count me in. Let's begin!!!

Caroline said…
Hello Laurie! I'll do my best to be there too!
very inspiring word. count me in!

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