Happy Autumn Weekend!

Today my son's going on another Scouting adventure which requires, of course, rising at o'dark thirty to get him on the road. While away he'll be eating his own cooking, sleeping in a tent, and sledding down sand dunes!

Since we'll already be up early, I've planned a romantic sightseeing day for my husband and I. First: pancakes. Then: historical town with antique shops. In between: more mountain fall splendor in vivid color!

Before I go, though, I wanted you to feast your eyes on some more spectacular fall color:

I couldn't resist this lovely pin, hand made by a fellow Etsian, Michele. She used what feels like heavy paper with an image of nature's bounty then added gold paint and lots of sparkle! I love the colors! Check out her blog and her Etsy shop, Michele's Glass Bead Treasures.


Micki said…
That looks scrumptious! Have a wonderful weekend!
You're a peach, Laurie. Thank you and enjoy!
; )
Your plan for the day sounds like perfect autumn splendor and FUN! Hope your day is fabulous and find many vintage treasures! Enjoy!
Summer Gypsy said…
Hi Laurie,

Thanks for stopping by today!!! Your story about the dog "Tucks" was eewwyyy~~~!!! Can you imagine working with 61 dogs in the building???
Your pin is gorgeous. The colors are so autumny! I used to love to "string" beads when I was a child. Yesterday at Michael's..oh, the beads..beautiful beads. If I had those kind of beads way back when, I would have been in Heaven!

Have a great evening,

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